More Primary Election Endorsements Announced …

Updated July 13, 2012

The Arizona Conservative is endorsing these candidates (Arizona candidates for the August 28 primary elections). Additional Endorsements will follow over the next few weeks as more filings become public.

President-Mitt Romney (General Election in November)

U.S.Senate-Wil Cardon

Congress-District 5: Matt Salmon

Congress-District 6: David Schweikert

State Senate-District 12-Andy Biggs

State Senate-District 16-John Fillmore

State Senate-District 17-Steve Yarbrough

State Senate-District 21-Rick Murphy

State Senate-District 25-Russell Pearce

State Rep.-District 12-Larry Chesley

State Rep.-District 15-John Allen

State Rep.-District 17-J.D. Mesnard, Tom Forese

State Rep.-District 18-Jeff Dial, Bob Robson

Pima County Sheriff — Walt Setzer


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