Problem-plagued Sheriff Babeu Continues to step in it

Seeing Red in AZ reports on more controversy involving Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu:

May 22, 2012

This news hit a couple of days ago, but with Paul Babeu, the absurd saga is never-ending, so we’re linking to the daily’s lengthy report of Babeu’s latest fandango. The newspaper’s account details that the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office has collected millions of dollars’ worth of surplus military equipment that is intended for law-enforcement use and distributed some of the gear to non-police agencies while preparing to sell other property as a budget booster. Both practices are banned by the Pentagon.

According to records obtained by The Arizona Republic, in the past two years, Sheriff Paul Babeu’s office has received more than $7 million worth of Humvees, fire trucks, guns, defibrillators, barber chairs, underwear, thermal-imaging scopes, computers, motor scooters and other items through the Defense Logistics Agency, which provides the excess military property free to crime-fighting agencies.

This report is worth your time. Babeu, notorious for his displays of extreme levels of arrogance — coupled with his appalling lack of judgment –  has self-detonatedhis political aspirations. In the face of a homosexual romance with a Mexican national, a scandal involving provocative postings on the Men 4 Men website, lies and a swirling controversy tied to his position as headmaster of a Massachusetts “therapeutic” school for troubled youth, he prudently ditched his congressional bid in Arizona’s new 4th District. But unable to contain his soaring ego, he has announced his intention to run once again for Pinal County Sheriff.

It ain’t gonna happen, Paul. Your seemingly meteoric rise has hit a wall. As they say in gay Paree, “Vous aiment la sauce orange sur votre oie cuite?” (Would you like orange sauce on your cooked goose?

Jack McClaren, Pinal County Constable and former Pinal County Sheriff Commander (website here), and Ty Morgan, a career officer, (website) have also filed to run for Sheriff. Steve Henry, Pinal County Sheriff Chief Deputy suspended his campaign.

2 thoughts on “Problem-plagued Sheriff Babeu Continues to step in it

  1. Robert Gray

    With all of the issues surrounding Sheriff and Defrocked AZNG Major Paul Babeu one question still concerns me.

    Did babeu receive a less than honorable discharge from the AZNG? My sources tell me that he did. I would like to see a copy of his NG 22 discharge from the AZNG. Babeu has repeatedly stated that he resigned because of “POLITICS”

    If he did receive a less than honorable discharge I would like to see copies of the Article 32 investigation which forced his resignation. Given Babeu’s ability to twist the truth that is the only way the public can know the truth about his resignation.

    A less than honorable discharge is not grounds to legally disqualify him from running for and holding Office. It does, in my mind and the minds off most honorably discharged veterans, disqualify him from receiving my vote.

  2. Clarence D. Milligan

    I voted for Paul Babeu when he ran for Sheriff in Pinal County. I regret I cast that vote for him.

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