Chicago Cubs Take Mesa for Yet Another Ride

Mesa city leaders and Chicago Cubs’ officials broke ground on yet another new spring training baseball stadium this week. The Cubs have promised to occupy the new facility for 30 years.

If ever a promise rang hollow, the Cubs have surely struck it. They’re getting their fourth stadium in 60 years. The Chicago Crybabies threw a tantrum and demanded a new stadium after using their current stadium for just 13 years.

If you think they’ll be satisfied with this new stadium for 30 years, you probably need to take a reality class.

And for the 64 percent of Mesa voters who went along with this corporate welfare … you done been had.

The Cubs took Mesa for yet another ride by threatening to move to Florida if they didn’t get yet another new stadium.  The city foolishly thought it would lose out on millions of dollars of revenue generated in its business places by baseball fans attending Cubs’ Cactus League games.

Duh! Baseball teams inFlorida are playing the same game, threatening to move to Arizona if they don’t get new baseball stadiums every few years.

If the city fathers in Arizona and Florida were smart, they’d let these teams walk … to each other’s states and stadiums.

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