Flake’s Former Boss at Goldwater Institute Supports Cardon!

Tracy Thomas, Former Goldwater Institute chairman, delivered a huge blow to U.S. Senate candidate Jeff Flake in an email today. He endorsed the conservative candidate Wil Cardon. Why is this so damaging to Flake?

Because Flake is the former executive director of the Goldwater Institute, and Thomas is willing to admit the truth that Flake hasn’t measured up in his 12 years in the House of Representatives.

In his email, Thomas writes:

“During my time as chairman of the Goldwater Institute, Congressman Jeff Flake worked for me as our executive director.

“Jeff is a good man, but I cannot vote for him.

“It’s not often that a U.S. Senate seat is open in Arizona. It’s imperative that we get this right. This is why I am endorsing Wil Cardon.”

3 Reasons to Support Wil Cardon

1) Proven Job Creator

“Wil Cardon reminds me of Senator Jon Kyl and his background before becoming a great representative of Arizona. Both Senator Kyl and Wil understand business and have experience in the private sector,” Thomas said.

2) Washington Outsider

“As a Mesa businessman, Wil successfully built a company from the ground up. His background as an entrepreneur will make him an effective voice against business as usual in Congress.”

3) Amnesty Opponent

“Arizona’s immigration problem threatens our security and our economic prosperity. Wil has demonstrated his focus will be to pass Arizona-centric legislation. Wil is a leader with integrity who will always put Arizona first.

“Congressman Flake’s main focus during his six terms in Congress has been on opening trade and tourism with Cuba and ending earmarks, both of which have been unsuccessful. He hasn’t passed any mentionable Arizona-focused legislation, and he is a vehement opponent of securing our borders.

“Wil is a proven job creator, a Washington outsider, and he has the right business mindset to truly lead our country back to economic prosperity.”

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