We Must Develop a Culture of Life in America

Today’s horrific murders in Colorado can be described more accurately as a cultural issue than political.

But that hasn’t stopped the left-stream media — namely ABC News — from rushing to judgement and mistakenly fingering the killer as a member of the Tea Party. Even the left-wing Huffington Post criticized ABC for that mean-spirited blunder. Another man by the same name is actually a Tea Party member — not the Colorado killer.

Our nation is suffering from a severe cultural deficiency: a disrespect for human life, which has been cheapened by schools and colleges, the media, and by government.

Human life must be protected from conception to natural death. We must teach people from early ages on that life is precious. We must shift our nation from a culture of death to a culture of life.

No one is guaranteed a perfect or pain-free life, and no one has a moral right to take life from others, whether they are healthy movie-goers, preborn children, or disabled persons. All are made in God’s image and deserve the right to live.


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