Is Obama Intentionally Creating Scandal Fatigue Among Voters?

We wonder if folks are just plain tired of President Obama and all his scandals and lies. He commits more of them than most people can keep track of.

Are the voters just fatigued with it all and anxious to vote him out in November and be done with him?

That’s the way it looks.

Seldom has there ever been a more flawed presidential candidate, or a worse performance by a first-term president. David Limbaugh, Michelle Malkin and others have written incredibly detailed books exposing his corruption and weaknesses.

Most of Obama’s statements are downright lies. Whatever he says … believe the opposite and you’ll find the truth.

It’s all too much for the average person to keep up with or to keep up the heat and the opposition.

At least Mitt Romney has been gaining ground and putting some distance between himself and Obama this past week. If only the election were today and we could send Obama on his merry way out of Washington. Out of our lives. Out of our pocketbooks. Out of our personal affairs.

One thing is for sure. The Democrats are going to cheat like never before to try to steal this election. Watch out, battleground states, you’ll have plenty of political hanky panky going on in your respective back yards.

Obama is the most anti-business president we have ever had. His harsh HHS mandate could put countless employers out of business and swell the employment lines with the resulting net job loss. And where is the Left-Stream Media? Worrying about Ann Romney’s horsemanship. We could face the mother of all depressions if Obama survives November and the HHS mandates survive dozens of court challenges.

We know you’re all tired of it all. But we’ve got 3 months to go. This is gut-check time. Pour it on! Spread the truth and keep up the heat on this failed, flawed president. We can’t let him get away with Fast & Furious, his other scandals and the risk of economic disaster. Get the job done! Quit quibbling about Romney; get behind him and save us. Save the free enterprise system!

Declare your independence from socialism and rid it from our sight.

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