Soptic Ad another Democrat Lie

The Examiner reports that an ad featuring Obama supporter Joe Soptic claiming Mitt Romney caused his wife to die of cancer is totally false:

On Tuesday, we reported that the pro-Obama PAC Priorities USA released a blistering ad blaming Mitt Romney for the death of a woman who passed away several years after he left Bain Capital.

CNN’s Brianna Keilar and Wolf Blitzer did some fact checking and found that the woman in the ad had insurance after her husband, Joe Soptic, lost his job at GST Steel when it closed in 2001 – two years after Romney left Bain. That fact was left out of the pro-Obama ad.

Keilar said Tuesday that Soptic’s wife had insurance until 2002 or 2003 when an injury forced her to leave her job.

In other words, the Obama PAC not only lied in the ad, making it appear that Romney himself was responsible for the woman’s death, but it failed to provide all of the facts.

Mediaite’s Tommy Christopher wrote that “when you’re putting out an ad that is this jump-the-shark-then-break-the-shark’s-spine brutal, you really ought to cross the T’s and dot the I’s.”

Video: CNN fact check found woman in pro-Obama death ad had insurance.

Christopher, however, maintained that – lies and all – the central point of the ad remains the same: That “only one of these candidates has a health care plan that would have helped.”

But even that assertion is questionable. Having a health insurance plan does not guarantee one will be cancer-free, and the woman became sick long before Obamacare became the law of the land. Even without insurance, she still received health care.

Rush Limbaugh observed Tuesday that Soptic would have been in worse shape if Obamacare was law when he lost his insurance.

“He would have been fined! Under Obamacare, Mr. Soptic here would be fined for not having health insurance. That’s the law of the land according to Obamacare. I wonder if anybody’s told Mr. Soptic. ‘You know, if Obama is president, and Bain closes down your steel plant, and you don’t have health insurance, guess what? You get fined,'” he said.

“You either pay a fine, pay a penalty, or you go get health insurance on your own. Somehow, some way,” Limbaugh added.

“Fair or not, the ad has made people stand up and take notice, but the reaction has been blistering,” Christopher wrote. According to Christopher, Blitzer said “he planned to have on Bill Burton and CNN contributor Paul Begala, who is also a member of Priorities.”

“By the time the show aired, they were both unavailable,” he added.

Apparently, truth really doesn’t matter in politics anymore.

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