Pearce & Fillmore: Protectors of You, the Taxpayer

Two Arizona Senate elections command special attention:

Russell Pearce vs. Bob Worsley in Legislative District 25; and

John Fillmore vs. Rich Crandall in Legislative District 16

Pearce and Fillmore are bullwarks in the legislature for commonsense fiscal sanity — at a time when many lawmakers around the state and nation love to spend other people’s money recklessly. Like yours.

Fillmore rated an overall A- grade from the Goldwater Institute, standing third overall among 60 House members. He led all House members in scoring for constitutional governance and ranked second in limiting government in favor of your freedom. He ranksed seventh in tax and budget score.

Crandall got a C+ from Goldwater in overall legislation and in regulation — meaning he favors expanding cost, scope and size of government. The larger the government is, the smaller your freedom is. Crandall was the lowest ranking Republican — standing down at the bottom with the Democrats — overall score and in tax and budget score. He is not a friend of taxpayers like you.

Crandall was scored generously considering he only served his constituents part-time; he took a part-time job and missed two-thirds of the bills put before the Senate for votes. That’s a whopping 254 votes for which his former constituents had no representation. That’s outrageous, and his jilted constituents should have staged a recall effort to withdraw him.

Pearce has been a rock on social and fiscal issues for several years. He is consistently rated a “Friend of the Taxpayer” — because he’s looking out for your interests and spending your money wisely. And no one has done more to protect Arizona and U.S. citizens from drug smugglers crossing the border illegally. It is neither liberal nor Christian to oppose intentional law-breaking that poses great harm to Americans.

Worsley is a good, generous and wealthy businessman. However, he is wrongly criticizing Pearce for protecting our borders. Worsley hasn’t been at the legislature year after year looking out for your interests. To oppose Pearce is to oppose commonsense lawmaking.

Please vote Fillmore and Pearce into the legislature. They are endorsed by the state’s leading conservatives. Worsley and Crandall are not. If you don’t live in either of these districts, please tell family and friends who do to vote for the two conservatives in these respective races.

See the Goldwater report

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