Political Notes on the Eve of 2012 Arizona Primary Election

One More Reason to Vote for Cardon: Conservative Wil Cardon says, if elected to the United States Senate, he will not accept a paycheck. Until the U.S. budget is balanced, the economy is back on track and the country has control of the border, he vows. Impressive! Don’t imagine any other congressional candidates around the country are saying this.

Fox News reports: The five states that held early Republican presidential primaries in defiance of GOP rules will endure a dose of party punishment at the national convention in Tampa next week. The states are Arizona, Florida, Michigan, New Hampshire and South Carolina. As punishment for bucking party rules, only half their delegations will have voting rights. This means Arizona gets only 29 voting delegates at the convention.

The Chambers’ Hamer: Liberal Republican Glen Hamer is busy endorsing the least conservative Republicans for the Arizona Chamber of Commerce. Which makes no sense at all for ACC. Conservatives are the business owners’ best friends – seeking business-friendly climates and fewer excessive government restrictions. It appears the endorsements more closely reflect Hamer’s personal politics rather than what’s good for Arizona businesses. Because if Hamer’s mostly liberal endorsements are elected, the environment for Arizona businesses will deteriorate under more and more government interference and higher taxes.

Most Outstanding Negative Campaigner: And the award goes to … Rich Crandall. The auto-dialer call we received from Crandall was delivered in a nasty, threatening here’s-an-offer-you-can’t-refuse tone that left us feeling cold. And in less than a week, we received three Crandall flyers: all going negative. We pray conservative John Fillmore wins this Arizona Senate race in District 16 so we can be rid of Crandall’s negativity. The vote for this award was unanimous. Honorable mentions go to U.S. Senators Jon Kyl and John McCain for excessively inserting themselves into a congressional campaign to attack one of the state’s most effective lawmakers – Congressman David Schweikert. The two senators who control the Arizona Republican Party shot first and asked questions later, accusing Schweikert of starting the Quayle-Sea of Galilee controversy. It was quickly disproven by the media, but the dynamic duo had already done great damage to Schweikert. This just proves they don’t know Schweikert; if they did, they would not have questioned his integrity. …It’s amazing how many conservatives in Arizona suddenly “became liberals working hand in hand with Obama” during this primary election cycle of ugly campaigning. Don’t you agree, Jeff Flake and Kirk Adams?

The Three Amigos: If you live in Legislative District 16 and haven’t voted yet, you might be confused about the four GOP candidates for the House of Reps. This will make it easy for you. Judy Novalsky and Kelly Townsend are Tea Party conservatives. Coleman and Davis are running as a team with … Crandall. Here’s to an 0-for-3 primary for this team.

Who’s Warring on Women? Women working in President Obama’s Administration earn less than their male counterparts. Hmmm! And which party sexually objectifies women more? No contest, it’s the Dems. Women are not empowered by abortion, so strongly favored by Democrats. Post-abortive women run a higher risk of cancer and problems when attempting to have children later, in addition to abortion injuries and infections, sexual dysfunction, depression, broken relationships, suicide, and others. Women are frequently degraded by abortionists and some are dying in “Main Street” abortion factories. Democrats favor domestic partner benefits, thereby encouraging cohabitation. Women in the U.S. and Canada who live with boyfriends are nine times more likely to be killed … compared to married women. And with all those frightening risks related to abortion, California’s Senator Barbara Boxer says she is proud her daughter has the right to abort her grand-daughter.

Your Trusted Conservative Source: We’re proud to have had our candidate endorsements picked up by the Arizona Tea Party! God bless Arizona, and God bless America!

2012 Arizona Republican Primary Election Results: Key Races We’ll Be Following on Tuesday Night

* Denotes Candidates Endorsed by The Arizona Conservative

U.S. Senate–% Reporting Votes Percentage
Will Cardon*    
Jeff Flake    
Clair Van Steenwyk    
Bryan Hackbarth    


U.S. House of Representatives–% Reporting Votes Percentage
District 1
Jon Paton*
Patrick Gatti
Douglas Wade
Gaither Martin
District 2
Martha McSally*
Mark Koskiniemi
District 3
Gabriela Saucedo Mercer*
Jaime Vasquez
District 4
Ron Gould*
Paul Gosar
Rick Murphy
District 5
Matt Salmon*
Kirk Adams
District 6
David Schweikert*
Ben Quayle
District 7
No Republican—no   endorsement
District 8
Trent Franks*
Tony Passalacqua
District 9
Wendy Rogers*
Travis Grantham
Vernon   Parker
Lisa Borowsky
Martin Sepulveda
Jeff Thompson

ARIZONA SENATE (Contested Races)

District 16–%   Reporting Votes Percentage
John Fillmore*
Rich Crandall
District  25
Russell Pearce*
Bob Worsley
District 5
Sam Scarmardo*
Nancy McLain
Kelli Ward


District 1–%   Reporting Votes Percentage 
Lori Klein*    
Karen Fann    
Andy Tobin    
District 5    
Doris Goodale*    
Sonny Borrelli    
Wyatt Brooks    
George Schnittgrund    
District 12    
Larry Chesley*    
Eddie Farnsworth*    
Warren Peterson    
District 13    
Steve Montenegro*    
Russ Jones    
Darin Mitchell*    
District 15    
John Allen*    
David Smith*    
James Bearup    
Heather Carter    
District 16    
Judy Novalsky*    
Kelly Townsend*    
Doug Coleman    
Jeff Davis    
District 20    
Carl Seel*    
Paul Boyer*    
George Benavides Sr.    
District 22    
Phil Lovas*    
Jeanette Dubreil*    
David Livingston    
District 23    
John Kavanaugh*    
Michelle Ugenti*    
Jennifer Petersen    
District 26    
Buckley Merrill*    
Raymond Speakman*    
Mary Lou Tayor    
Jason Youn    



 Votes  Percentage
 Bob Stump*    
 Bob Burns*    
 Susan Bitter-Smith    

3 thoughts on “Political Notes on the Eve of 2012 Arizona Primary Election

  1. arizona today

    This past weekend, congressional candidate Kirk Adams declared his race with Matt Salmon a “dead heat.” Today Salmon issued an e-lert claiming a double-digit lead over Adams.

  2. arizona today

    The Kirk Adams campaign sent out text messages telling people to go out and vote for the congressional candidate today. Then they texted back with a correction that the election is actually tomorrow.

    Which reminds us: all Jeff Flake supporters should go out and vote for him on Wednesday. That’s their “designated day”!!

    And Senator John McCain’s dear friend Charlie Crist, the former governor of Florida, is voting for Obama this fall! We’re not a bit surprised.

  3. arizona today

    Final summation on the Jeff Flake senatorial campaign: he’s the “I’m Jeff Flake, and I approve this message” candidate. That’s about all we’ve heard him say on TV and radio commercials, because he left it to other voices to demonize his opponent, Wil Cardon, rather than make much of a case why anyone should vote for him.

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