Tea Party Says Palin’s Got it Wrong in Arizona Congressional Race

Looks like Sarah Palin is still “paying her dues” to Team McCain — instead of investigating the candidates:

Fellow patriots,

This is an email I really did not want to send but I feel I have been pushed into it.

Sarah Palin does not speak for the local Tea Parties in her support for Kirk Adams. Sarah has promoted herself as a supporter of the Tea Party movement but in this case has gone against us. She has the right to endorse whoever she wants to but doesn’t it make sense that she would talk to local Tea Party leaders and get their opinion? After all aren’t we the people that have been working so hard at the local level, In my case it will be three years next month, teaching the Constitution and urging the voters to support candidates that have an understanding of the Constitution and the principles of government taught by the Founding Fathers?

When Matt Salmon came and spoke at the East Valley Tea Party he new the answers to every question we asked him about the Constitution. Kirk Adams did not have an answer to any question we asked him.

We asked them both the same questions such as “where in the Constitution does congress get their authority”? Article 1. Can you name three powers given to congress in Article 1 Section 8? Borrow money on the credit of the United States, to coin money, establish post offices, set uniform rules of naturalization, promote the progress of science, and declare war  to name a few.

I ask you shouldn’t  a candidate  read and understand the operations manual to our country, the Constitution, if he wants to represent us in congress?

I freely acknowledge that not all Tea Party members support Matt Salmon and that some of them support Kirk Adams. Having said that I have spoken to all the leaders of the various Tea Party groups in the CD 5 area and they all said that their members support Matt Salmon by a large majority.  For instance we had an unannounced straw poll last week, I did not want any candidate to be able to skew the results, and Matt Salmon had 94% of the vote to Kirk Adams 6%.

Anyways do what you want this information I just wanted it to be clear that Sarah Palin does not speak for the vast majority of active Tea Party members. When I say active I am talking about those that go to the meetings regularly and actively participating in Tea Party events.

I take pride in being fair to all candidates. I have invited them all to speak to us, even those I do not support, and treat them all the same at our meetings. Go back and look at our emails over the last few months and you will not find us promoting any candidate over another but in this case I had to say something.

Greg Western, Chairman of the East Valley Tea Party

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