Heavily Damaged Pearce Taken Down by Amnesty Supporters

Political novice Bob Worsley ended the career of a conservative legislative legend in Tuesday’s Republican primary election, and said “It’s time for the vitriol to end.”

But Worsley hasn’t seen vitriol yet. He hasn’t faced any angry Democrats pushing extremist agendas yet.

Worsley upset former Senator Russell Pearce in the GOP race for an Arizona Senate seat in Mesa (Legislative District 25). Pearce has been a state leader in protecting life, marriage, and the family, and he’s led the fight to protect our border from drug smugglers, he’s strongly opposed out-of-control spending, eminent domain abuse by the City of Mesa, and radical left-wing politics. But Pearce’s political career is most likely over.

Worsley is a multi-millionaire who will be elected to the Arizona Senate in November with little opposition. He’s bought into left-wing distortions about Pearce, a true patriot who is as reasoned and thoughtful as one can be. There is not a vindictive bone in Pearce’s body.

Last year, Obama supporters forced a recall vote to get Pearce out of the legislature and out of the way of their open borders/amnesty agenda. Since then, the damage done by two years of extremely bitter and negative advertising against Pearce split the Mormon Church and severely eroded the long-time support Pearce had enjoyed.

Recruited by moderate Republicans and some of the same Obama open-borders people to run against Pearce, Worsley won nearly 56 percent of the vote. When the decision was settled, he told Channel 3 TV “It’s time for the vitriol to end.” He needs to tell that to the Democrats. And he needs to fight the leftists hard, starting in January.

No, Bob Worsley hasn’t seen vitriol. But Russell Pearce has faced it daily for the last two years.


A couple statements in today’s East Valley Tribune report demand a response:

Worsley said even if people don’t like it, they need to acknowledge that Arizona must have a relationship with the federal government to improve immigration policies and enforcement without a state-focused enforcement-only approach.

Worsley touted his work on social issues. He’s campaigned against same-sex marriage, and had supported a group that fought abortion and sex before marriage.

The statement about the federal government and the border invasion displays Worsley’s naivete. The reason legislative conservatives, with the governor’s support, have worked so hard to discourage illegal entry into the country is because the government has refused to enforce immigration laws. Republican and Democrat administrations have openly advocated for amnesty, and the impact on Arizona has been adverse, to say the least.

If Obama is re-elected, and if Worsley expects cooperation between the state and the administration, he is seriously out of touch with the political realities of Washington, D.C, and Arizona.

As a former board member with United Families International, Worsley was soft on marriage as the union of one man and one woman. He questioned UFI’s work to inform citizens on the truth about abortion, cohabitation, abstinence education, sexual orientation, and other critical issues, and instead encouraged publications on thrift.

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  1. “The republican is the only form of government which is not eternally at open or secret war with the rights of mankind.” –Thomas Jefferson, Letter to William Hunter, 1790

    Unfortunately, as a compromised country and culture,* we have elected a compromised president. And that is not a rhetorical we. It is a fraternal we in that biblical sense; “I am my brother’s keeper.” If I believe that you can’t see – that you are lost, I am obligated to care for you as the Samaritan did for his brother. And I must not only care for you, I must help you to understand so that you can survive in the organics of our everyday lives, knowing that all things change. In the human realm this has meant that we plan for the future, and we share information with others precisely because there is the omnipresent unknown over which we have only a modicum of control. In other words, our evolutionary success is due to the fact that we do what we know we need to do in order to insure that sufficient numbers know, and can do, so that they (or we as a whole) can provide for ourselves and our loved ones.

    This means that we, as a whole – sufficient numbers in a constitutional republic – the electorate elected an individual that has insufficient understanding of the nature of the human person. Not only is this represented in the individual of the presidency it is also represented in the Congress and in the behavior of a large segment of the citizenry of the republic.

    Given the abundance of the historical record, we have ample evidence that shows if we give someone or many too much they do not appreciate the gift. There are many reasons for this: the human person learns to expect when patterns prevail and if we have some ostensibly reliable source of food, money, healthcare, or what have you, we (many) will merely wait for that to be produced and delivered.

    This must be seen with the instructive facts of history. Fact: Historically, we have the Seven Deadly Sins and the Virtues.**

    *Facts: Approximately 50% of wage earners in the U.S. don’t pay income taxes. And approximately 50% of the people in the U.S. receive some form of governmental assistance. That this is an anathema to the facts at hand concerning the nature and survival of the species is obvious and this has been amply demonstrated by history.

    **For those of you who may have forgotten: Deadly Sins: Wrath Greed, Sloth, Pride, Lust, Envy, and Gluttony. Virtues: Prudence, Justice, Temperance, courage, Faith, Hope, and Charity. Fact: The former are reviled, the latter are prized and respected. Fact: Human nature is at the disposition of reality and intent. Fact: We can, by our commitments, better ourselves and care for our loved ones to the degree we are able. Fact: The free expression of our capabilities and our actions maximizes our ability to do this.

    And now, we turn to some observations about our current presidential and political scene.

    There are many red flags: Our national debt is approaching impossible numbers. Individuals on the governmental dole exceed any rational number. Tax payer numbers cannot support the current levels of governmental activity in any conceivably fair way. The cost of education in no way can be justified by the return on our investment. Healthcare is a personal responsibility – for the most part. It is also true that accidents do occur, and nature prevails. Utopias have been described for some time; we have yet to find any at the human level, or any other level for that matter.

    * * *

    There is a certain pathos in our current circumstance. The Congressional approval rating is at an all time low. The president’s approval rating approximates the government dole. Trust in our social institutions is fading. When a constitutional republic’s working-parts fail, there is a high likelihood that there will be some adjustments to the governing of this republic. History is our most helpful predictor of change.

    I would like to look at these two attributes of our nation, The Presidency, the Congress, and the society at large.

    There is pathos in and around the Presidency. The president is a fear driven adolescent in a man’s body. He manifests himself as an angry adolescent who never grew into his own skin. He is driven ideologically as that adolescent and consequently he cannot comprehend nor defend his espoused ideology. He has not been able to comprehend the essential aspect of the absolute and sacred need for fundamental human freedom. As an honestly dishonest adolescent, he cannot use the words truth and respect without stumbling over himself. He has lived in a fear driven, angry guilt ridden, and false pride (lying) vicious circle all of his life. This will continue forever, or until a maturing process moves him on to the heroics of human growth. Unfortunately he has never been able to accomplish this necessary growth. This circumstance is mirrored, by a large group, in the U.S. population which is also suffering a crisis of childhood/adolescent behavior. This is also an attribute of too many of the current members of both parties in the U.S. congress.

    We, those who should have been paying attention to the well-being of the body politic, have been seriously negligent. We have allowed our culture to devolve into a dependent morass of whiners who perceives themselves entitled to everything and anything. And to make matters worse, we have not educated our populace sufficiently to comprehend a simple laws of physics: Bodies in motion tend to stay in motion – maintain a given directionality. The objective to live in an entertainment universe has taken the edge off our abilities to maintain sufficient credibility in dealing with the facts at hand instead of the “facts” on the screen/display, whatever. Responsibility is the key to the success in the journey of humanity’s efforts. Sweat counts for something! Objectives do matter! The truth belongs to itself and it is in our best interests to comprehend sufficient truths in order to maintain a productive presence as individuals, families, groups, countries, and as a global whole. Leadership is an essential attribute of growing/maturing societies. A leaderless gaggle, flock, herd, crowd, or group, cannot be in the best in interests of the whole.

    Those who are poorly committed and those ignorant of the facts at hand, approximately 59% of the voting public, intend to vote for an adolescent attempting to lead. Neither they, nor he, have any clue as to what it takes to form a working whole while providing for sufficient expressions of freedom to sustain the activities of a whole. The sad facts of the matter are that most know that something is fundamentally wrong, and yet as frightened adolescents they, and he, continue on a course of failure. Grow or you lose. If you lose, those around you also lose and the whole world loses. Failure is not an option! What part of this do we not understand? Any part should serve to remind us to adopt a serious adult commitment to the virtues and to strike a course to remediate the madness of the present.

    The media is profoundly adrift, screaming minions make the news of the day “at the speed of live,” news is reported by mostly incompetents, schools – for the most part – are failing, we have a government that does not understand how to balance a budget, Mother Nature needs our help, frivolities become lifelong goals, obesity reigns supreme, neophytes and children are elected to public office. How are we doing? It could be worse. Now is the time for each and every able body and able mind to gather themselves, tighten their belts, roll up their sleeves, and focus their commitments. We must save ourselves and the nation. Let’s get it done!

    © Don Davison

  2. arizona today

    Though Worsley once served on the board of directors for Mesa-based United Families International, his campaign website says not one word about the sanctity of human life or marriage. Will he merely try to make nice with Democrats? Or will he fight them to protect life, family and marriage as a member of the Arizona Senate? It remains to be seen.

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