Out of Stater Crandall Aims to Hold Senate Seat in Absentia

Arizona Senate candidate Rich Crandall is hoping to get re-elected to the legislature in November. He narrowly won the GOP primary two weeks ago despite …

  • moving his wife and 7 children to Utah
  • purchasing a house in Sandy, Utah
  • committing to schooling in Tennesse
  •  renting an apartment in District 16 only to “qualify” to run
  • he has no other “ties” to District 16
  • he took a job in New York that required he abandon his legislative duties before the Senate session ended
  • he plans to expand his business in Utah
  • he was rarely present to vote on bills

Something is seriously wrong when this kind of scandal is allowed to go unpunished. Arizona citizens demand better. Arizona citizens deserve representation from Arizonans committed to Arizona. A state resident requirement is sorely needed.


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