Report Card Time, President Obama


Obama tried to “stimulate” the economy by borrowing and printing money, spending trillions of dollars; the president advocates for a progressive tax system

Results: Failure; unemployment has ranged from 8-10 percent and 23 million Americans are out of work; the president has added trillions of dollars to the national debt, took over General Motors and bailed out banks and corporations; Obama keeps saying the rich need to pay their fair share, but the wealthiest Americans are already paying the vast majority of the tax revenues taken by government; this is not surprising since Obama’s late father advocated for a 100-percent tax rate


Obama and DOJ tried to stop flow of guns into Mexico; the president is pushing for amnesty and wants to fast-track illegal aliens to voting status and give them government benefits

Results: Failure; violence escalated and Americans were killed


Obama tried to re-set foreign policy to make the world community like America

Result: Failure; the Arab world is inflamed and American embassies are under attack; the president supported the “Arab Spring” takeover of Muslim nations by the Muslim Brotherhood, but now these nations are being torn apart by violence and anti-American protests; Afghanistan is in the hands of terrorists; the U.S. agreed to decrease nuclear missiles, but other nations have not, leaving us vulnerable; North Korean missiles can reach the U.S., and Iran is developing nuclear weaponry; Obama has alienated our ally Israel and given their enemies millions of dollars; Obama’s administration is blaming their violence in Egypt and Libya on an obscure, amateur video–instead of taking responsibility for its own foreign policy failures


Obama has slashed national defense budget; federal spending has been cut far more on the military than anything else

Result:Failure; U.S. Navy is at smallest level since World War I, putting national security at risk


Obama said he would develop alternative energy sources

Result: Failure; the president is blocking offshore drilling and development and distribution of domestic oil and gas; but he gave billions of tax dollars to foreign nations for offshore drilling; the president wasted more than a half-billion dollars by giving it to a company that was going out of business (Solyndra); gas prices have more than doubled since Obama took offic


Obama said he would improve healthcare, lower the costs, and allow people to keep their own plans

Result: Failure; ObamaCare is increasing medical costs; mandates are taking religious freedom away from Christian-owned businesses and individuals; millions of Americans will lose insurance plans they are now satisfied with; Obama is taking $716 billion from Medicare and funneling it to ObamaCare; Obama’s putting together a panel (IPAB) that will ration medical treatment and deny it to some; the president suggested people denied medical treatment take pain pills, and also suggested they go to hospice and die


Obama favors total federal control of public education

Result: Failure; Obama is forcing the radical homosexual agenda on public school students; he chose Kevin Jennings, an extremist who had previously encouraged the “queering” of America’s schools to spearhead “safe schools”; education in the U.S. continues to perform well below potential; thousands of college graduates are unable to find work in the failing Obama economy


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