Race Card: It’s the Only Card Game Democrats Know

Zing! Ann Coulter writing again.

Now she’s taking apart the only card game Democrats know: the race card. It’s all in her new book “Mugged.”

And Jeffrey Lord of The American Spectator has an excellent review of the book here.

It’s a lengthy review and we won’t run the whole thing here.

But … here’s a teaser with some selected gems from Lord’s review:

Ann Coulter is fearless.

In writing her newest book, Mugged: Racial Demagoguery From the Seventies to Obama Ms. Coulter takes the time to carefully and in detail explode the self-made liberal myth of liberals and liberalism as heroes in the American civil rights movement.

As we often note, any group on record with enthusiastic support for slavery, segregation, lynching, the Ku Klux Klan and, in today’s world, everything from racial quotas to illegal immigration is decidedly no kind of American hero. As we have also frequently noted, racism and the Left go together like ham and eggs or peanut butter and jelly. Without playing the race card the Left would die of political oxygen deprivation.

Ann Coulter gets it. Mugged is not just a book — it’s a public service.

In chapter and verse, Coulter takes the time to detail the Left’s wretched racial history, saying:

Contrary to the to the myth Democrats told about themselves –that they were hairy-chested warriors for equal rights — the entire history of civil rights consists of Republicans battling Democrats to guarantee the constitutional rights of black people.

Not all Democrats were segregationists, but all segregationists were Democrats and there were enough of them to demand compliance from the rest of the party….

All true. And Coulter, a lawyer, prosecutes her case with detailed enthusiasm.

There is the basic grounding in the argument that liberals love to ignore.

  • It was Republicans who passed the Thirteenth Amendment ending slavery (as Coulter correctly notes “with 80 percent of Democrats voting against it.”)
  • It was Republicans who unanimously “enacted the Fourteenth Amendment, granting freed slaves the rights of citizenship” — with unanimous opposition from Democrats.
  • It was Republicans who passed the Fifteenth Amendment, giving blacks the right to vote.

All of these a precursor to passing the Civil Rights Act of 1866 (providing citizenship and “full and equal benefit of all laws”), the Reconstruction Act of 1867, and … yes… an entire list of civil rights measures in 1875, 1890, 1922, 1935, 1938 (the latter three anti-lynching laws staunchly opposed by Democrats) and anti-poll tax bills in 1942, 1944, and 1946.

Nor does Coulter forget the basic fact that the Civil Rights laws of 1957, 1964 and 1965 were passed because of staunch Republican support — and were essentially do-overs of laws passed a century earlier but essentially stymied by the Democrats’ support for segregation and the use of what historian Columbia University historian Eric Foner has noted as the military arm of the Democrats– the Ku Klux Klan.

But these, as mentioned, are the basics.

What Coulter does that breaks new ground and doubtless more than a few political eggs is tackle headlong the racial controversies of the last several decades — and link them to the atrocious (make that horrifying) on-the-record dependence of Democrats and what is politely called “the race card.”

Noting acerbically and again correctly that “liberals have never been able to get the hang of a color-blind justice system,” she provides one example after another of how liberals went from treating blacks as below the law — to above it.

Coulters goes through the liberal racial closet (and it’s a big closet) finding one example after another after another where, in the manner typical of the heirs of slavery, segregation, and the Klan — all is racialized.

Coulter notes that while the Internet and cable news helped, post-O.J. there was a “renaissance of black people with different opinions different from Jesse Jackson’s” –[ and she names some of them: Deneen Borelli, Ron Christie, Ken Blackwell, Niger Innis, Star Parker, Jesse Lee Peterson, Angela McGowan, Michael Meyers, David Webb,(Congressman) Allen West — all of whom became known to Americans thanks to Fox News. Not to mention Juan Williams, Dr. Marc Lamont Hill and Sherrod Small. (A nod here to Fox for doing what liberals refuse to do — introducing black Americans who– shocker! — have opinions of their own not cut from the liberal cookie cutter.) Doubtless this book was already at the printer when Americans learned last month of Utah’s Mia Love, who if elected would be the first Republican black woman to serve as a member of the House.

By 2007, Coulter reports, NPR/Pew had a poll out showing “that 53 percent of blacks said that those who couldn’t get ahead were mostly responsible for their own condition, compared to 30 percent who said it was because of discrimination — a reversal of percentages from just a decade earlier.”



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