General Election Endorsements

President/Vice-President Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan
U.S. Senate Jeff Flake*
Congress—District 1 Jonathan Paton
Congress—District 2 Martha McSally
Congress—District 3 Gabriella Saucedo Mercer
Congress—District 4 Paul Gosar
Congress—District 5 Matt Salmon
Congress—District 6 David Schweikert
Congress—District 7 None
Congress—District 8 Trent Franks
Congress—District 9 Vernon   Parker
District 1 Steve Pierce
D2 Don Woolley
D5 Kelli Ward
D6 Chester   Crandall
D8 Joe Ortiz
D9 Tyler Mott
D10 Frank Antenori
D11 Al Melvin
D12 Andy Biggs
D13 Don Shooter
D14 Gail Griffin
D15 Nancy Barto
D16 None#
D17 Steve Yarbrough
D18 John McComish
D20 Kimberly Yee
D21 Rick Murphy
D22 Judy Burges
D24 August Bartning
D27 Sarah Coleman
D28 Adam Driggs
D1 Karen Fann, Andy Tobin
D2 John Ackerley
D5 Sonny Borrelli, Doris Goodale
D6 Brenda Barton,   Bob Thorpe
D8 Frank Pratt, T.J. Shope
D9 Ethan Orr
D10 Ted Clodfelter, Ted Vogt
D11 Adam Kwasman, Steve Smith
D12 Eddie Farnsworth, Warren Petersen
D13 Steve Montenegro, Darin Mitchell
D14 David Gowan, David Stevens
D15 John Allen, Heather Carter
D16 Kelly Townsend
D17 Tom Forese, Jason Mesnard
D18 Jeff Dial, Bob Robson
D20 Carl Seel, Paul Boyer
D21 Rick Gray,   Debbie Lesko
D22 David Livingston, Phil Lovas
D23 John Kavanaugh, Michelle Ugenti
D24 Brian Kauffman
D25 Justin Olson, Justin Pierce
D26 Raymond Speakman, Mary Lou Taylor
D27 Daniel Coleman
D28 Amanda Reeve
D30 Aaron Gidwani
Arizona Corporation   Commission Bob Burns, Bob Stump
*We have not previously endorsed Flake due to his compromising positions on border and social issues. However, it is absolutely imperative that Republicans recapture the U.S. Senate, and we cannot afford the loss of retiring Senator Jon Kyl’s seat to the Democrats.


#The GOP nominee lives in Utah and voted on only one-third of the bills in this year’s session. We believe he should have been disqualified from the primary election because he lives out of state and he disenfranchised his constituents.

2 thoughts on “General Election Endorsements

  1. I appreciate this guide. My wife and I are in Germany, and have to do alot of searching on the internet to find information about candidates. Will you be releasing a guide to the Judges on the ballot, or to the members of the Water Conservation District as well?

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