Do You Remember What’s Happened the Past 4 Years? Elect a New Leader

Did you enjoy buying golf carts for strangers with your tax dollars?

Did you enjoy paying for other people’s clunker cars with your tax dollars?

Do you want to see more of your tax dollars given to companies going under?

Did you notice how Barack Obama was suddenly … patriotic … Christian … pro-America … as the election got closer and closer?

Do you appreciate unaccountable czars running the country?

Are you ready to kiss your medical insurance good-bye AND pay higher premiums … to government officials who may deny you coverage based on your age?

Did you notice how Obama frequently accused others of what he himself is doing?

Have you had enough of the Obama Administration? Enough of socialism?

The bigger the government … the smaller you become. The bigger the government … the less freedom for you.

Then fire this president on Tuesday.

And elect a new man with better leadership qualities. A more honest man who puts the country first.

Yesterday, Mitt Romney said,”This election isn’t about Paul Ryan and me. It’s about Americans.” The president said: “Get out and elect ME!”

Vote for America. Vote Romney/Ryan.

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