Dems Cheating Their Tails Off … again

Democrats are cheating in polling places across America. What’s new about that?

They’re the masters when it comes to election fraud:

  • A huge Obama mural right in front of a voting machine in Philadelphia. Illegal.
  • Democrats took over polling places in elsewhere in the City of Brotherly Cheating.
  • Irregularities in Ohio and Florida created by you know who: Democrats
  • The face of Obama’s “third-world America”: New Black Panthers who were given a free pass, instead of convictions in 2008, back at Pennsylvania polling places again. They’re intimidating white voters.
  • Former head Democrat Howard Dean screaming about Republicans suppressing the vote.
  • Michelle Obama warning people not to let others shove them out of line.
  • Obama intentionally accepted tons of illegal foreign campaign cash … again.

They’re all reading the same script from the same DNC playbook: cheat like crazy, and accuse Republicans of cheating. It’s a tired play that needs to be run out of town. It may take a miracle to beat the Democrats, America’s Cheating Team.

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