Conservative Advice for Bill Bergemann of Mesa

Dear Bill,

I just read your letter to the editor of the East Valley Tribune, “Some Advice for Republicans.”  You started your letter to the editor …

“A little bit of advice for the Republicans given the shellacking you took last week.”

Now here’s some advice for you.

1. Nobody asked for your advice, so you can put it in your back pocket. Or better yet, use it to start a fire in your fireplace Thanksgiving night.

2. Nobody likes a gloater. And that’s what you are.

3. Don’t forget the shellacking your Democrats took in 2010.

You claim conservatives listen to an “echo chamber” on Fox News.

1. And you don’t listen to echo chambers on CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, MSNBC or read them in The Arizona Republic, East Valley Tribune, Huffington Post, Democratic Underground, or other far left-wing members of the LEFT-STREAM MEDIA?

2. All you’re doing is parroting their unsolicited advice for Republicans.

You demand some unnamed person “draw a clear line of separation between the Republican Party and the evangelical Right.”

1. Evangelicals will depart from the GOP just as soon as the far-left socialists, unions, and extremists abandon the Democrats’ camp.

2. And by the way, who appointed you traffic cop for the Republican Party?

3. Why should anyone listen to the member of a party which has refused for years to create a national budget? Which has rung up $16 trillion in debt? Which has weakened the U.S. Navy to World War I levels? Which forced party members to put God back into its platform against their will? Which gave guns to Mexican drug cartels resulting in the murder of U.S. Border Patrol agents? Which demonizes successful businessmen and women? Which wants more children to grow up without both of their parents? Which supports an abortion organization which is accused of defrauding taxpayers? Which has destroyed the public education system and dumbed down millions of students over several decades? Which attacks free speech and religious freedom? Which intentionally spends more money than exists in the federal treasury?

“So stop trying to force religious dogma on the country.”

1. Interesting comment, Bill. It’s the Democrats who have forced secular humanism on the country, the government, the schools, and just about everywhere you look. The Supreme Court calls that “religion.”

2. Nobody is forcing Christian dogma on the country. It just happens to be the leading religion in America, and always been.

3. Your president says he is a mainstream Christian.

4. Your president and secretary of state, among numerous other leading Democrats, have cited Christian scripture in attempting to justify big government socialism. You might want to talk to them about forcing that dogma on people.

You demand we stop talking about makers and takers because it offends your sense of fairness and intellect.

1. It apparently strikes a nerve with you.

2. Because it’s unfair to punish the successful, those who take risks to create jobs and feed families, even your union friends’ families.

3. Socialism and intellect usually aren’t used in the same sentence.

You demand we “Purge the crazies.” And the people “off their rockers?”

1. Sir, you dare speak of “crazies”? In the party of Pelosi, Wasserman Schultz, Dean, Hank “Tip over the island of Guam” Johnson, Biden, Waxman, et al?

2.In your own words, the “nuts do more damage to your party.”

Finally, you urge “Stop being the party of stupid: evolution, climate change, age of the earth, math.”

1. Let’s work backwards: math. Your union teachers are famous for telling Johnny 2+2=5 “might be an answer!”

2. Age of the earth: radio carbon dating disproves your billions-years-old theory. Along with truck loads of other evidence.  Your own age of the earth “evangelists” claim the rocks date the bones … and the bones date the rocks. A fifth-grader recognizes circular reasoning when she sees it! LOL!

3. Climate change: you’ve got a big problems with NASA satellite data poking holes in your unproven theory. Along with a history of evidence tampering by the international “climate change industry.” Just a little scandal there.

4. Evolution: How come every 2-3 years a story surfaces claiming “Now we’ve found the missing link!” Evolution has more holes in it than you can shake a stick at!

“These are pretty much settled questions for most of us who graduated from high school.”

1. When you have no arguments, you claim the debate is over and put your hands over your ears so you won’t hear the truth.

2. If you were confident of your positions, you would welcome debate.

3. The socialist and communist countries you admire aren’t very fond of debate either.

4. Kids in elementary school and high school, along with college students, educators and doctoral-degreed professionals are knocking the stuffing out of all these myths on a regular basis.

5. Did you really believe everything your high school teacher taught you?

6. Did you ever question their worldview? Because it colored the teaching of their “secular humanist religion.”

Thank you for reading, Bill. Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you enjoy your tax increases in January. And we hope you contribute to some of the families whose bread-winners are getting laid off by their employers in the wake of Obama’s re-election, which is deflating the business climate by the minute.


3 thoughts on “Conservative Advice for Bill Bergemann of Mesa

  1. BCAz

    I do think the Republican Party needs a nickels worth of free advice.
    Here it is: SHOW! SHOW the country the results of liberal socialists. SHOW the people what an abortion looks like no matter how graphic, SHOW the facts of socialism, show the people how long democrats have been in office in places like Detroit, California, them how these places have deteriorated. Show the effects of life long entitlement, and how they have adversely affect people. Show how the democratic party has been taken over by socialists.

    The problem I have is that Hispanic Americans are strongly conservative, but most of the older generation still thinks that the democrats are JFKs party.

    I know this because my mother yelled at me when my lifes first vote was for Pres. Reagan.
    She said you can`t do that because we are Hispanic and we always vote democrat.
    Yet my parents are strong conservatives.

    If Conservatives just stop being afraid to show the people what is really going on in the dem party and show the facts about them, they could change some minds.
    But DO NOT change Conservatism.

  2. arizona today

    Advice needs to come from within, from the shareholders in the conservative movement, not from mocking outsiders whose interest is in the movement’s demise — like Bill Bergemann.

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