A New Strategy Unfolds for Conservatives

By Peter Heck, Conservative Talk Radio Host
Monday, 19 November 2012

I’m so excited to see many mainstream conservatives that I have looked up to and appreciated for so long really starting to hammer what I’ve said and seen for quite some time regarding our cultural struggle: we can’t and we won’t win this at the ballot box alone. In fact, the ballot box is a mere reflection of the status of the culture more than it is a determiner of the fate of the culture.

Politics is an outworking or consequence of the worldview embraced by our people. And that worldview isn’t developed in election years. It is developed in school rooms, in church pews, in living rooms with television sets, on movie screens, in magazines, in newspapers and on the radio.

That is where conservatism must focus because that is where we have lost for a generation – and are continuing to lose dramatically in our battle against the delusion and self-loathing left.

That’s why when I saw that Rush Limbaugh had said that conservatives had to take over the public school system, and when I saw that Glenn Beck had said that conservatives needed to lead a movement to overtake and overwhelm the mainstream media, I was ecstatic. That’s exactly what I talked about in my book, 78: How Christians Can Save America.

Granted, neither one of them mentioned what I see as the first step to actually saving our culture: reforming the church back to Biblical Christianity. But I am nevertheless thrilled and heartened that men with far more influence and appeal than me are starting to openly discuss a new strategy beyond just winning elections and writing laws.

Though our ideas are vastly better than the left’s ideas, the left has been the far more shrewd and effective at advancing their cause. It’s like conservatives have stuck to an old-school European model of warfare – lining our men up straight across an open field – all while the liberals have taken to the hills and have surreptitiously turned our children and homes against us, engaging in the deadliest of guerilla warfare tactics. We can’t keep fighting through conventional means.

Part of that means understanding exactly what I remember saying multiple times at multiple tea party meetings these last few years. This is not a cause that will be finished in many of our lifetimes. This is a generational shift that we must attempt to enact. And that means discouragement at the loss of one election or two cannot overwhelm us. We must be more focused on winning control of states, schools, communities and pulpits. And then we must use them effectively to turn the Titanic around.

We can’t win the war for our culture when we’re constantly aiding and abetting the enemy.

It’s time to turn off the trash, set ourselves apart and re-develop our culture.

A tall task? Absolutely. But as I enjoy the blessings of liberty that those before me preserved, how could I possibly be unwilling to make every effort to see that my children and grandchildren enjoy the same. To arms, conservatives.

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