Indoctrination, University of Arizona Style

Appearing on Fox News, University of Arizona graduate Katie Pavlich accused her alma mater of indoctrinating students and displaying intolerance toward conservative views.

“They try to crowd out not only any form of traditional ideology — conservative ideology — and also any ideology that does not fit with their leftist propaganda that they force onto their students in classes and threaten that they won’t pass the class unless they adhere to it.”

That drew a denial from Nyles Kendall, a political science major writing for The Daily Wildcat. It’s the prim and proper showpiece for how a left-wing education at the secular humanist university churns out left-wing propaganda. Kendall responded:

Of course, anyone currently enrolled at the UA knows that the university goes out of its way to accommodate different points of view. The UA College Republicans and the Bible-thumping proselytizers who set up shop on the UA Mall can hardly complain of having their views suppressed in any way.

That’s 100 gallons worth of water carrying for the secular humanist university. But apparently not everyone enrolled at or graduated from UA has been fully immersed in Kool-Aid swirling to the Left.

Then Kendall launched into his own attempt at indoctrinating Arizona alumni:

If trying to teach students the importance of inclusiveness is tantamount to “ideological indoctrination,” so be it. The world would be a much better place if folks like Pavlich got off their high horses and started embracing that kind of “radical liberalism.”

Said Kendall mounted on his own high horse – imposing his will on others and perfectly making Pavlich’s case for her: either get with the secular humanist program or risk being excluded and ostracized.

Oh, but Kendall wasn’t through shooting holes in his own argument. He finished with a bulls-eye:

So the lesson here, kids, is this: Accept and embrace each other’s differences and don’t baselessly accuse your alma mater of indoctrination.

No, the real lesson here is this: accept and embrace only the preferred viewpoints, the secular humanist positions. Or prepare for the full dose of indoctrination radiation … at Arizona, Arizona State, Northern Arizona, and every other tax-funded state university in America.

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