Two of the darkest days in American history are indissolubly linked to the U.S. Supreme Court. On a dark day in 1857, Chief Justice Roger Taney issued the court’s decision in the Dred Scott case that declared African-Americans something less than human. The vote was 7-2. The good news was that this was a nation dominated by Judeo-Christian values, and within a few years constitutional amendments abolished slavery in America.

On a dark day in 1973, the Supreme Court opposed Chief Justice William Rehnquist and Justice Byron White in a 7-2 vote on Roe v. Wade that paved the way for legalized abortion on demand. The Court labeled the pre-born as something less than human. We are approaching the 41st anniversary of Roe v. Wade, and 57 million pre-born children have been slaughtered in that time. The bad news is that our government adheres to the humanist religion and its accompanying culture of death.

Roe v. Wade was based on lies, dishonesty and pagan culture. Conservatives were not yet organized enough to oppose the left-inspired string of Supreme Court victories that began in 1947 and radically altered the identity of the United States.

Justice Harry Blackmun wrote in his Roe decision, “We are also told that abortion was practiced in Greek times as well as in the Roman era, and that it was resorted to without scruple. Greek and Roman law afforded little protection to the unborn,” and “ancient religion did not bar abortion.”

Ancient religion? Whatever happened to liberals’ so-called separation of church and state? Greek and Roman law? Since when has the U.S. operated by Greek and Roman law, or even Scottish law as Sen. Arlen Specter asserted during the Clinton impeachment?

Norma McCorvey, alias “Roe” in Roe v. Wade, is today a pro-life activist. She says Roe v. Wade, “was all based on a lie. It was a lie that I told. Initially, I had told (attorney) Sarah Weddington that I had been raped, and I was not raped. I only went to one place, so I wasn’t seeking it (abortion) real hard. I had asked Sarah Weddington if there was any place I could go to have an abortion. She said she didn’t know of any place, when she had already gone to Mexico and had an illegal abortion. I think that she just needed to have a plaintiff pregnant. They explained to me that they were only going for the State of Texas. I didn’t know that they were going for the whole world. I think we all have the same dream: we’d like to see Roe v. Wade overturned.”

Later, the abortion crowd exploited Sandra Cano in much the same way to legalize the barbarism of infanticide. They call it partial-birth abortion, but a grisly murder by any name is still a grisly murder.

Lies and worse are common today among the abortion advocates. As reported by the Los Angeles Lay Catholic Mission, California Right to Life documented nearly 3,000 incidents of pro-abortion violence and illegal activities. CRL detailed violence against pro-lifers, including a March 1989 incident where three pro-abortionists were charged with igniting an incendiary device in a church filled with 2,500 pro-life activists. Had there been an explosion, any speakers would have been badly wounded and possibly killed.

While 57 million American victims of Roe v. Wade are in heaven today, many of their reluctant mothers face physical and emotional scarring that wreaks havoc with their lives. Women can experience a variety of emotions following an abortion: grief, depression, anger, guilt, physical pain, and others. At least 70 percent of women having abortions say it is immoral to do so. Two in three say they were coerced or pressured to kill their child, and the decision was not entirely their own. It is precisely because so many women who abort are acting against their consciences and maternal instincts that the psychological impact of abortion can be so profound.

In more than four dozen major research studies, it has been revealed that there is a considerable link between abortion and breast cancer. Scientific evidence exists to suggest elevated risks of 30-50 percent for breast cancer among women who had an abortion before a first live birth. Multiple abortions can increase the risk to as much as 100 percent.

Less than one percent of abortions are performed to save the life of the mother. Abortion is largely used as birth control.

Individuals who served significant and powerful roles in the lucrative abortion industry and since defected say it is one big scam. The late Bernard Nathanson once directed the most prolific abortion mill in New York and co-founded National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League. He said the abortion industry used mere slogans to soothe people’s aversion to the killing. Dr. Nathanson converted to Christianity and spoke out against the abortion obsession.

Carol Everett, who directed four abortion mills in Dallas-Fort Worth, said money is the governing force behind the abortion industry. “It is the largest unregulated industry in our nation. Most of the clinics are run in chains because it is so profitable,” she says. A woman died having an abortion in her clinic.

Four decades after Roe v. Wade, we know that legalized abortion has not prevented “front alley” butchers from killing women. The cases of abortion mill deaths are documented.

After 40 years of hearing women claim they have the right to choose because, after all, it’s their body, I don’t think much of individual rights that result in someone else’s death. In fact, if choice really mattered to the pro-aborts, they would consider the child’s choice as well. And no child is going to choose to die a horrible, violent death.

Most importantly, we have met women who had abortions and who have suffered for it and who regret having done it. These are the people who have spent years attempting to heal the horrific emotional – and sometimes physical – scars. For some women, abortion made it impossible to have children later in life.

A major disappointment of the last four decades is the church’s silence on the abortion issue. Many churches are afraid of offending the congregation by talking about it, and some churches fear taking a hit in memberships and offerings if the offended parties walk out. That’s not a church; that’s an institution of compromise. And in Arizona, the Protestant churches are largely AWOL in support of life. The church has an important role to play in speaking out against abortion and reaching out to those who have been ravaged by its specter.

One church in Texas has gone so far to say that if anyone in its community is contemplating abortion that person may give the baby to the church and it will find a good home for the child. It’s a shame that one church stands out in the crowd for doing the right thing. Many liberal churches don’t even discourage abortion.

Lutheran pastor Laurence White compares the American church’s passivity on abortion to the German church looking the other way while Hitler was exterminating millions of Jews. White says that God’s people cannot afford to accept the status quo and that it is a betrayal of God. He encourages pastors to speak out on values that contribute to a culture of life.

Today, the para-church organizations — such as Focus on the Family, the American Family Association, Americans United for Life, Susan B. Anthony List and Life Dynamics — speak out against abortion in the void left by the church on that account.

Former U.S. Ambassador Alan Keyes said, “Our founders said that we are all ‘created equal and endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights.’ We acknowledge that it is by God’s authority, not by a human decision, that human beings have dignity. And that means that whether it’s a mother deciding about her child or Osama bin Laden applying the fanatical standards of his moral puritanism, no human power has the right to withdraw respect from other human beings because we consider them not quite human enough for us.”

What can we do? Oppose abortion vocally and peacefully. Teach children the value of human life, that we are made in the image of God, and that those who advocate for abortion are on the wrong side of history and humanity. Write to the newspapers and the elected officials to let them know it is wrong. Do not participate in activities, such as the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, that support Planned Parenthood and contribute to a culture of death. Participate in Sanctity of Life activities in your community. Speak out against Planned Parenthood and abortion providers. Pray for a revival in America’s declining culture.

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