Stop Phoenix from Passing Radical Law

On Tuesday at 2:30 p.m. the Phoenix City Council is going to show its utter depravity by considering a resolution allowing men who think they are female to use women’s restrooms. This radical far left-wing resolution should never have seen the light of day, but this kind of madness is sweeping the nation from the Left.

This means that a man who needs psychological help would be within his legal rights to use the same restroom as your little girl in public accommodations like restaurants, schools, and churches.

Because of the notoriety of this bill, the council session has been moved to the Orpheum Theater at 203 W. Adams Street in Phoenix.

The most radical Left elements of Arizona are all for this nonsense. Those with common sense are against it. Equality Arizona, the most vocal of the far Left special interests groups in the state, is calling people who oppose this bill “extremists on the fringe.” Their friends on the Council, including Mayor Greg Stanton, rushed this bill forward with little to no transparency. Breaking his campaign promise from last year.

Here’s what this serpent-inspired bill will do, if the council is crazy enough to pass it:

  • If a business or church asks the man to leave the ladies’ room it will face civil and criminal prosecution for “discrimination.”
  • There are no protections in this law to prohibit a predator from posing as a so-called “transgender” to gain access to a child through a restroom or locker room.
  • Every business in or that works with the City of Phoenix would face the threat of frivolous lawsuits regardless of their views on homosexuality and so-called “gender identity” — a left-wing fabrication. The mere implication that a business is “unwelcoming” or “unaccepting” to a homosexual or transgender can trigger a criminal investigation and costly lawsuit that could      bankrupt a business. Guess that’s the kind of business environment Stanton wants to create here.
  • Churches are not exempt from being forced to allow transgenders in whatever restroom they choose. Furthermore, the weak exemption in this law could force a church or a parachurch organization, like a Christian school, to hire homosexuals and transgenders regardless of the church’s religious beliefs. An affront to the Founding Fathers and the Constitution.

Two adults on the Phoenix City Council, Jim Waring and Sal DiCiccio, are opposed to this threat to children, families, businesses and ministries. Councilman DiCiccio’s news release appears in the message below this one.

Contact these council members and urge them to be reasonable and talk these folks off the ledge before they take the state’s largest city into the moral abyss:

One thought on “Stop Phoenix from Passing Radical Law

  1. I heard on the news this evening that you passed the “Bathroom Bill”….I could not believe what I heard…You know I would like to know where your common sence is!! It seems like when you take an office you leave your brains somewhere…Is there not a Christian in the whole bunch that has some pride, dignity left?? All of the people that you are catering to fit right into the Left Wing!! They all have some mental issues and you all are going to let them take over the 99.99 of the rest of us…You are acting just like the obummer administration…It is sooooooo sick!!!!!!! I tell you if someone would approach me in a bathroom….YOU will be responsible for what happens!!!!!! Now you have to go with your children even to the bathroom……YOU PEOPLE ARE SO SICK

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