Homosexual Fascists Score Tainted ‘Victory’ in Phoenix; Freedom Strikes Out

Freedom suffered a damaging blow from homosexual fascists in Phoenix this week.

The city council, led by far Left Mayor Greg Stanton, went into session in the middle of the afternoon to consider a bill that would allow men to use girls’ bathrooms in public places in Phoenix by claiming they are not really men. The resolution is commonly introduced by radicals in major metropolitan areas across the United States with the goal of the furthering the homosexual agenda. With mayors and councilmen typically swinging from the Left side of the plate in these socialist cities, it’s not too difficult to pass such extreme measures.

The timing couldn’t have been more deliberate. Where are most people in the middle of the day? At work, right.

The mayor allowed a scant 60 seconds for those who testified for or against the bill.

Homosexual activists — really fascists — mocked, ridiculed, heckled and booed those speaking against the bill. The mayor was all in — he did nothing significant to allow speakers to be heard. After all, the railroad job was in progress. This is typically what fascists do: they demonize their opponents and do everything to keep them from being heard. Democratic process? Not interested.

The bill passed 5-3.  It’s a loss for Phoenix, whose city leaders have slowly radicalized the state’s largest city over the past two decades.

In the mid-1990s Phoenix won best-run city in the world title.

Then the council approved domestic partner benefits, in essence subsidizing cohabitation. Women in the U.S. are 9 times more likely to be killed by a live-in boyfriend than married women by their husbands. So why are Phoenix and other cities glorifying such risky behavior? Why are taxpayers made to support this?

When I asked an HR rep from Phoenix how many of these people the taxpayers were supporting, he went off on a diatribe, claiming Phoenix isn’t “Leave it to Beaver” anymore. No joke! Thanks to the city councilmen in Phoenx.

And now Phoenix is allowing men who want to be women to use the same bathrooms as little girls.

No wonder Phoenix isn’t winning any more best-run city awards.

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