Former Tempe Mayor Hallman Running for Governor

Hugh Hallman, the former mayor Tempe, today announced he’s running for governor. We always cringe when someone says “I’m a fiscal conservative,” as Hallman does below. Being a true conservative does not come with such qualifiers. But here’s what he says he seeks to do as governor:

I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself and my candidacy for the office of Governor of Arizona.

I’m Hugh Hallman, a fiscally conservative Republican and the former Mayor of Tempe. I’ve also worked as the leader of one of the most successful public schools in Arizona, as a regional leader and former Chairman of the Maricopa Association of Governments, and as a successful attorney and economist. I’ve worked to identify the pressing problems we have faced on the local, regional and statewide level, and then created solutions to improve Arizona.

My priorities for Arizona include:

  • Creating new jobs and economic opportunities for Arizona residents, not by having state government “pick favorites,” but through responsible economic development and removing excessive red tape.
  • Improving our state’s educational system by focusing on giving our students and teachers the tools they need to achieve success.
  • Working to solve some of the most difficult issues we face as a state, including dealing with illegal immigration.
  • Ensuring that Arizona’s government is run in an ethical way that is accountable to the voters of Arizona.

Arizona is not about the big-wigs at the state Capitol. It’s about the very reasons we all call this wonderful state our home.  Let’s end the polarizing gamesmanship that only advances political careers and instead focus on everything that makes the State of Arizona exceptional.  Together, let’s focus on creating Arizona’s brightest future.  Let’s use Arizona’s incredible advantages to improve our State and the quality of life for all Arizona’s residents.

I invite you to learn more about my campaign and humbly ask for your support. There are several ways you can keep in touch:

  • Visit our NEW campaign web site at You’ll find my in-depth position papers on a variety of key issues facing our state, as well as information on how to get involved.
  • You can also follow the campaign through our Facebook page and our Twitter feed.
  • And finally, we would very much welcome your support of our efforts through a contribution to the campaign. You can donate easily online through this link.

Thank you in advance for your consideration. I look forward to meeting people throughout the State of Arizona during the course of the campaign, and working together to identify ways to make our State an even better place to live.

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