Democrats Want Your Money and They Want it Now

Kirstyn Sinema isn’t around to make shocking remarks in the Arizona Legislature anymore. So Democrat socialist Ed Ableser (Tempe) is taking up the dubious insert-foot-in-mouth mantle.

Ableser just called churches and religious schools “freeloaders.” Invoking the old phrase “egg-sucking liberals” — Democrats who never saw another person’s dollar bill they didn’t want to vacuum up into a government sinkhole.

This lesson in absurd and outrageous Democrat greed and big government obsession cropped up over a bill introduced in the legislature that would protect religious schools from unemployment tax. With the Obama economy hurting families’ ability to send children to good private schools, Republicans have sought to ease their burden by exempting the schools from burdensome unemployment taxes. Most teachers and staff aren’t making much money by working at these much-needed antidotes to secular humanist government schools. Many an unfortunate family can’t afford to send their children to the best private schools, for financial reasons created and worsened by the Obama Administration and Democrats who sank the economy. Unemployment taxes could sink these small schools which are training up children in such admireable ways.

But Democrats like Ableser only see the money they think belongs to them, er uh, the government.

It’s not about “greed on Wall Street.” It’s about greed on West Washington Street in Phoenix and 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, D.C.

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