Is McCain’s Power Coming to an End?

A new poll shows Arizona’s longtime U.S. Senator John McCain with an approval rating of just 26 percent among Arizonans, according to the Behavioral Research Institute.  It’s his lowest approval rating in 21 years. And 67 percent of those surveyed say it’s time for a new senator. Most conservatives agree.

Begging the question: is his hold on that Senate seat now in its final term?

The timing could not have been worse for Sen. McCain, re-elected in 2010. He — and rookie Senator Jeff Flake — just voted for an Internet tax during a recession.

Flake and McCain were among only 20 Republicans doing the unthinkable and voting for a tax increase, once again bearing witness to their lack of conservative credentials. In fact, almost half the Republicans in the Senate joined with tax-and-spend Democrats to tax the Internet, and the bill passed 74-20. Let’s hope the principled majority of the U.S. House kills this bill when they receive it.


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