Two Boy Scouts’ Rallies in Arizona Today

Today, OnMyHonor.Net, a coalition of concerned Boy Scouts of America (BSA) parents, scoutmasters, Eagle Scouts and other scouting leaders who affirm scouting’s timeless values, announced the Rally for Scouting, a nationwide series of rallies to support the current membership policy of the BSA to take place on Friday, May 17, 2013 from noon to 1:30 pm local time. A full list of over 40 rally locations is available at:

As delegates consider a proposed change to BSA membership standards, many people with an interest in scouting are raising concerns about the risks and effects that change would have on scouting programs. The proposed resolution, to be voted on by the national council on May 23 in Grapevine, Texas, would change the membership policy to require all chartered scouting units to allow open homosexuality among boys in the organization but not adults.

Recently, OnMyHonor.Net published an open letter providing a legal and ethical analysis of the BSA resolution, giving council members 10 reasons to vote “No” in May.

Rallies will be held today in Tucson and Phoenix:


2969 North Greenfield Road, Phoenix,

Contact: Kimberly Eliot (520) 282-0390


5049 East Broadway, Suite 200, Tucson

Contact: Roy Lamb (734) 634-2102


Read the letter

One thought on “Two Boy Scouts’ Rallies in Arizona Today

  1. “Boy Scouts of America Survey: 61% Support Current Policy of Excluding Homosexuals”

    “( – The results of a Boy Scouts of America (BSA) survey shows that a majority of members support keeping in place the policy that prohibits homosexuals from joining or leading the organization.”

    “• 50 percent of Cub Scout parents support the current policy; 45 percent of Cub Scout parents oppose it.

    • 61 percent of Boy Scout parents support the current policy.

    • 62 percent of unit leaders support the current policy.

    • 64 percent of council and district volunteers support the current policy.

    • 72 percent of chartered organizations support the current policy.”

    “The survey encompassed five study groups – Youth, Parents and Leaders, National Council, finance and fundraising, and legal.”

    (I didn’t post a link to the source as I don’t know if posting links is permitted.)

    So the Scouts own internal polling shows how those actually involved in Scouting feel about the issue.

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