Arizona GOP Exposes Hypocrisy of Democrats Barber and Kirkpatrick

AZGOP Chairman Robert Graham and AZ National Republican Committeeman Bruce Ash launched mobile billboard campaign today pointing out the hypocrisy of two Arizona Democrat Congressman – Ron Barber and Ann Kirkpatrick, who support Obamacare and its enforcement by the scandal-ridden Internal Revenue Service.

Graham held at 10 am press conference in Phoenix, while Ash delivered a similar message an hour later at Pima County Republican Headquarters in Tucson.
“Obamacare is a terrible policy and it threatens our health, our healthcare system, and the freedoms we’ve long enjoyed as Americans to make our own healthcare decisions,” said Graham. “Ron Barber and Ann Kirkpatrick are trying to take our rights away, and they have given us all the proof we need that Obamacare is a disaster — because they’ve decided to make themselves exempt from it.”
Sponsored by the National Republican Congressional Committee, the mobile billboards will travel throughout the two Democrats’ congressional districts with a message exposing their plan and urging voters to call a phone number to voice their objections.
“These hypocrites in Congress are up for reelection in November of 2014, but we’re here today because the fight for liberty is never over,” Graham concluded.

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