Citizens Organize to Fight Governor’s Push for Obamacare

Recently former Arizona State Senators Frank Antenori and Ron Gould formed a committee named “The United Republican Alliance of Principled Conservatives,” or URAPC. The committee was formed for the purpose of stopping Obamacare and its associated tax on hospital stays. Defeating Governor Brewer’s ill-conceived and unconstitutional legislation must be referred to the ballot so it can be vetoed by the people of Arizona.

The Republican Precinct Committeemen of Arizona, united in their effort overwhelmingly passed resolutions opposing the Governors proposed expansion of Medicaid (AHCCS), a key component of Obamacare stating:

Their news release states: “The Voters of Arizona clearly expressed their will to reject implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) when they voted to amend the Arizona Constitution via Proposition 106 in 2010. The State of Arizona cannot afford to be saddled with the costs of implementing this federal program, AND the People of Arizona do not support Obamacare, assisting in the implementation of Obamacare, or subsidizing the Federal Government’s implementation Obamacare with State funds.”

The PC resolutions continued to explicitly reject hidden tax increases and new entitlement programs.

Upon hearing of these resolutions, Governor Brewer openly mocked and ridiculed precinct committeemen, small businessmen, and hard working taxpayers who voiced opposition to her efforts. As a result, they have formed an alliance to thwart the axis of corporate welfare recipients, greedy lobbyists, and rogue Republican legislators, led by the governor. This alliance is motivated and committed to having their voices heard by collecting the required signatures to send this critical decision to the voters of the great State of Arizona in hopes of carrying on with our historic independent spirit.

See the URAPC website

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