State Conservative Leaders: ‘Chilling’ to Watch Republicans Betray Sanctity of Life

State Representative Warren Petersen (Republican-Legislative District 12) posted the following remarks on the passage of the abortion-tainted Medicaid expansion on his Facebook page:

Chilling to witness a handful of Republicans oppose a pro-life amendment on the floor because they think expanding Obamacare is more important.

Long-time conservative leader State Rep. Eddie Farnsworth, also of LD12,  also criticized what happened, via his Facebook entry yesterday:

1:30 in the morning and a coalition of 9 Republicans have joined with the Democrats to roll Republican leadership, the Republican caucus and bypass the committee process to bring a budget directly to the floor of the House. With the exception of Doris Goodale, not a single one would answer any questions on a budget that expands Obamacare, unconstitutionally delegates taxing and appropriation authority to the Executive and has a nearly half billion dollar structural deficit. The Governors destructive machinations and policies of tonight cannot be over stated.

The next step is to get out there, folks, and qualify a proposition for the state ballot to stop what some are now calling “OBrewerCare.” Gov. Brewer had been opposing ObamaCare until last winter when she basically said, “It’s legal. Let’s grab the money.”

So alarming was her about-face that National Review strongly editorialized against her betrayal of the pro-life movement.

Also through Facebook, State Rep. Debbie Lesko is equally appalled by the cabal of the governor/RINOs/Democrats:

Governor Brewer worked with all the House Democrats and House Republican Representatives Pratt, Carter, Brophy-McGee, Orr, Robson, Dial, Shope, Coleman, and possibly Goodale to pass a Democrat budget and were ready to take out the Senate President and House Speaker if needed. I couldn’t believe my eyes!!!

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