Gilbert vs. Tucson: Slam Dunk for Conservative Principles

If there is a better argument in favor of conservative policies over so-called “progressive” policies, look no further than a comparison of the Arizona cities of Gilbert and Tucson! Let’s look at the factors most responsible for the huge discrepancies of social statistics between Arizona’s most conservative communities and one of its most liberal.

The Arizona Daily Star reports that Tucson’s city council voted 6-0 this week to allow sex-same couples to file contracts regarding inheritance rights, power of attorney, living wills and the ability to resolve disputes if couples breaks up.

The resolution supposedly adds more teeth to the city’s domestic-partner ordinance passed in 2003. Tucson Mayor Jonathan Rothschild says the enhanced ordinance will give same-sex couples some of the same rights that married, heterosexual couples enjoy. City Attorney Mike Rankin says as long as the city doesn’t offer rights reserved for married couples, the measure should not violate state law.

What the resolution doesn’t do is strengthen Tucson marriages and families. Which is a far greater need in any city than any ceremonial winks to homosexual pressure groups. That’s right: this is more about getting votes and campaign cash from wealthy people struggling with same-sex attraction. The city council members look “good” as they go with the leftist flow. They assure themselves of the “homosexual vote” come election time, but really don’t accomplish anything of note with this politically correct tap dance.

Cities are measured by the strength of their social fabric, marriages and families, unemployment and crime rates, among other factors. Tucson is mostly known for promoting socialism and radical, left-wing causes. And it shows in social statistics. Just 45 percent of Tucson’s citizens are married, and only 23 percent have a college or graduate degree. The unemployment rate is 6.3 percent.

Whereas in the Town of Gilbert, Arizona’s most conservative city, 67 percent of the residents are married and 36 percent have a college or graduate degree. Gilbert’s unemployment rate is 4.8 percent.

But in another much more glaring statistic, in a recent year Tucson residents were beleaguered by over 5,000 violent crimes. At the same time, Gilbert residents were the victims of just 215. Gilbert’s population is 216,000, and Tucson’s is 541,000. Tucson is a little over twice the size of Gilbert, but had 23 times as many violent crimes. AND Tucson has more gun control laws than Gilbert to boot!

Tucson, while your city leaders fiddle with politically correct window dressing, you’ve got some real serious issues that are NOT being addressed. Starting with real protection of your residents.

One thought on “Gilbert vs. Tucson: Slam Dunk for Conservative Principles

  1. The 100 most dangerous cities in America; every one of them run by leftist politicians:

    Rank City
    100 Orlando, FL
    99 Pueblo, CO
    98 Sumter, SC
    97 Norristown, PA
    96 Schenectady, NY
    95 Council Bluffs, IA
    94 Cincinnati, OH
    93 Baton Rouge, LA
    92 St. Petersburg, FL
    91 Worcester, MA
    90 Canton, OH
    89 Bridgeport, CT
    88 Chattanooga, TN
    87 Lawton, OK
    86 Poughkeepsie, NY
    85 Lauderdale Lakes, FL
    84 Desert Hot Springs, CA
    83 Lima, OH
    82 Carbondale, IL
    81 Albany, GA
    80 Lawrence, MA
    79 Minneapolis, MN
    78 Texarkana, AR
    77 Miami Beach, FL
    76 Rochester, NY
    75 San Bernardino, CA
    74 Anderson, SC
    73 Riviera Beach, FL
    72 Holyoke, MA
    71 Springfield, IL
    70 Nashville, TN
    69 Houston, TX
    68 Richmond, CA
    67 Oklahoma City, OK
    66 Lansing, MI
    65 Jackson, MS
    64 Fall River, MA
    63 Beaumont, TX
    62 Weslaco, TX
    61 Paterson, NJ
    60 Monroe, LA
    59 Odessa, TX
    58 Springfield, MA
    57 New London, CT
    56 New Bedford, MA
    55 Philadelphia, PA
    54 Rocky Mount, NC
    53 Fort Myers, FL
    52 Salisbury, MD
    51 Jackson, MI
    50 Gary, IN
    49 Springfield, MO
    48 Gadsden, AL
    47 Miami, FL
    46 Hartford, CT
    45 Niagara Falls, NY
    44 East Palo Alto, CA
    43 East Point, GA
    42 Brockton, MA
    41 Stockton, CA
    40 Indianapolis, IN
    39 Chelsea, MA
    38 Kansas City, MO
    37 New Haven, CT
    36 Tulsa, OK
    35 Lake Worth, FL
    34 Daytona Beach, FL
    33 Compton, CA
    32 Buffalo, NY
    31 Newark, NJ
    30 Washington, DC
    29 Atlanta, GA
    28 Atascadero, CA
    27 Trenton, NJ
    26 Birmingham, AL
    25 Bridgeton, NJ
    24 Jackson, TN
    23 Milwaukee, WI
    22 Fort Pierce, FL
    21 Spartanburg, SC
    20 Rockford, IL
    19 Little Rock, AR
    18 Baltimore, MD
    17 Homestead, FL
    16 Cleveland, OH
    15 Newburgh, NY
    14 St. Louis, MO
    13 Harvey, IL
    12 Myrtle Beach, SC
    11 Alexandria, LA
    10 Memphis, TN
    9 Wilmington, DE
    8 Atlantic City, NJ
    7 Flint, MI
    6 Bessemer, AL
    5 Oakland, CA
    4 Saginaw, MI
    3 Detroit, MI
    2 Chester, PA
    1 Camden, NJ

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