The Buzz: August 2

Many House Republicans view our Senator John McCain as “the most lethal threat to a significant victory on spending cuts in the budget battles this fall. The Right’s worst fear about McCain is that he and five or six of his allies could sign on to a Democratic bill at the height of a debt-ceiling showdown, giving Obama and Majority Leader Harry Reid the imprimatur of bipartisanship. … McCain, who jokes openly that he is a ‘Senate snob,’ certainly won’t listen to the House. But many Republicans are wondering whether anyone in the party can stop McCain from helping the Democrats in the fall.”

Jonathan Strong, “Can Anyone Stop John McCain,” National Review Online

Senator McCain is still angry and cranky. He called Fox News “schizophrenic” and blasted the Tea Party again. He said the Tea Party aims to keep things from getting done. [Editor’s note: Yes, John, they aim to keep the wrong people in government – you and others — from doing the wrong things that continually hurt America. If anyone is negative it’s McCain. Why does anyone give him a microphone?]

Cheryl Chumley, “Sen. John McCain: Fox News is ‘schizophrenic,’ and tea party is negative,” The Washington Times

For the first time ever, the Black turn-out percentage for the 2012 election exceeded White turn-out. Begging the question: doesn’t that make more of a case for White voter suppression? Instead of the constant cries by Democrats of minority voter suppression?

Conservative radio talker Dennis Prager

Why wait for Hell when you – President Obama and Hillary Clinton – can help create Hell on Earth? Why equate them with Hell? Obama and Clinton both worship at the altar of Saul Alinsky, who adored Satan. Alinsky dedicated his infamous book Rules for Radicals to Lucifer, the original rebel. [Editor’s note: And this president doesn’t mind subjecting Arizonans to severe heat. In fact, he’s coming here to agitate our state – one of his favorite states to attack — again on Tuesday. After all, he’s the man who spoke at ASU’s outdoor commencement ceremony a few years ago, exposing many people to heat exhaustion requiring medical treatment.]

Keith Jackson writing for The American Thinker, “Obama, Alinsky and the Devil”

More than a dozen elected Democrat officials in Alabama have switched to the GOP since 2010. One of them, Artur Davis, spoke at the Republican National Convention a year ago. In West   Virginia, State Senator Evan Jenkins just bolted the Democrats for the Republican camp; Obama’s opposition to guns and coal pushed Jenkins away.

Katrina Trinko, “In Obama’s America, Democrats Turning Republican,” National Review Online

Barack Obama is the worst thing that ever happened to African Americans. In Obama’s tenure: Black unemployment increased 42 percent, Black teenage unemployment has risen 56 percent, and incomes are lower for Blacks. But when Ronald Reagan was president: Black unemployment dropped 20 percent, and Black teenage unemployment fell by 16 percent.

Richard Rahn, “Obama’s bad news for Blacks,” Washington Times

“Can some Black Americans please tell me how Obama’s policies have helped Black Americans?”

Rush Limbaugh, Excellence In Broadcasting Network

“It’s a part time economy. What we really have is people leaving the job market. If the labor force participation rate were what it was in July of 2012, last year, the unemployment rate would be 7.8%. If the labor force participation rate were what it was in January 2009 when Obama took office, it would be 11%, not 7.4%. Some people have now become comfortable not working. It’s a result of government-encouraged dependency. Fully 4.2 million people have been out of a job for over six months — 4.2 million people! … So 953,000 jobs created in 2013, and 77% are part time. 731,000. Another way of looking at it: For every full-time job created, there are four part-time jobs created. I don’t care how you slice it, the jobs news isn’t good. … There’s nothing happening out there that equals progress in the traditional sense at all. We have a major transformation and regression taking place.”

Rush Limbaugh, Excellence In Broadcasting Network

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