Democrat Senator Attempts to Intimidate Goldwater Institute

With absolutely no legal authority able or willing to reign in the corrupt Democrats in Washington, a rogue U.S. Senator — Dick Durbin — is engaging in a massive attempt to intimidate honest, law-abiding Americans engaging in the constitutional freedom to disagree with the leftist/Socialist administration. He’s the condescending Illinois Democrat who once called our soldiers in Iraq “Nazi’s.”

Without any justification, Durbin’s office mailed intimidating letters to some 300 organizations inquiring about the private organizations’ relationship to the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) — most notably, whether they have supported ALEC in the past or endorsed the group’s “Stand Your Ground” model legislation. One of the recipients of the highly unethical letter campaign is the Goldwater Institute, a libertarian organization in Phoenix.

You will love how Goldwater President Darcy Olsen put Durbin in his place.


We are in receipt of your letter dated August 6, 2013 requesting information about the Goldwater Institute’s relationship with the American Legislative Exchange Council and whether or not we support the “Stand Your Ground” legislation adopted as a model bill by that group.

“Have You No Sense of Decency?”

That was the question posed by attorney Joseph Welch that historians credit with ending Senator Joseph McCarthy’s witch-hunt.

It is the same question we pose to your office today in response to your effort to intimidate us for daring to associate with the free market, limited government organization known as the American Legislative Exchange Council.

Simply put, especially in the wake of IRS intimidation and harassment of conservative organizations, your inquisition is an outrage.

We refuse to answer whether we are or ever have been a supporter of ALEC or its model legislation. We refuse to answer not because we disavow ALEC—far from it. We refuse to answer because as free Americans, that is our right.

Your attempt to silence your fellow Americans through threats and intimidation because they don’t share identical political beliefs is disgraceful and not worthy of the title you hold.

Thank you for your attention,

Darcy Olsen

President, Goldwater Institute


The Democrats are fascists. They are not content to merely promote their own radical agendas. No, they now openly, brazenly, and frequently try to punish anyone who has a different viewpoint than theirs. That is fascism.

And if we had an honest, independent justice system, Durbin would be held accountable for reimbursing taxpayers for the cost of this witch-hunt, and he would have been prosecuted for conduct unbecoming a congressman.

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  1. Mick Norton

    If Trent Franks wrote to Planned Parenthood and demanded information about its involvement with the ACLU, they’d go ballistic.

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