Judge Throws out Anti-Life Lawsuit by NAACP

A district court in Phoenix has thrown out a lawsuit by the NAACP attacking Arizona law prohibiting race-based and gender-based abortions.

The law was passed as the Susan B. Anthony and Frederick Douglass Pre-natal and Nondiscrimination Act by the Arizona Legislature in 2011. The law invokes Class 3 felony charges for anyone who:

  • Commits an abortion due to the race of the child or a parent.
  • Uses force or the threat of force to intentionally injure or intimidate anyone for the purpose of coercing a race-selection or gender-selection abortion.
  • Solicits or accepts money to finance a sex-selection or gender-selection abortion.

U.S. District Judge David Campbell ruled the law is constitutional, the NAACP lacked standing and failed to show injury suffered by anyone due to the law.

This lawsuit shows once again how liberal the NAACP is and that instead of defending the innocent lives of pre-born minority children it would fight against the fact that disproportionate numbers of minorities are aborting their children. In fact, many abortion factories are located in minority neighborhoods.

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