Equality Arizona Lies about Religious Freedom Bill

Equality Arizona is leading a vicious campaign against the religious freedom protection bill awaiting Governor Jan Brewer’s signature this week.

The state’s most radical homosexual pressure group’s latest email message says if the governor does not veto “it will be legal to deny basic services and protections to LGBT Arizonans.”

That is a flat-out lie by the No. 1 left-wing propaganda machine in Arizona.

This bill is designed to protect First Amendment free exercise of religion from so-called “non-discrimination laws.” Those laws have already illegally compelled government speech, forcing Christian photographers, bakers, florists, and other businesses to violate messages and immorality they disagree with. One activist judge even went so far as to order a Christian businessman to support a message he finds immoral and pay homosexuals thousands of dollars to celebrate their lifestyle, which he disagrees with.

Christians are the victims of homosexual activists and nondiscrimination laws drafted to punish them. With fawning media sheep cheering them on, homosexual activists are falsely claiming incorrectly they are the victims. They are the people filing frivolous lawsuits attacking Christians for their scriptural beliefs.

Call Governor Brewer and tell her to stand up to the pressure group bullies and their cowardly media allies at Channel 12, the Arizona Republic, the Arizona Daily Star and other left-wing radicals … and sign this bill to protect Christians. Elected leaders must do everything they can to assure Americans their first liberty — religious freedom and free speech. The political Party of Control and its extremist allies want to destroy constitutional freedom and force Christians to confine their beliefs to home and church. This is the fascist challenge of our time, and it must be rejected.

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