Governor Brewer: Sign the Bill Now

Dear Governor Brewer:

Do the right thing and sign Senate Bill 1062. Protect those who disagree with the homosexual agenda — which is the majority of your constituency. Homosexuals only make up 1 percent of our population, but their pressure groups are monopolizing left-stream media hoping to intimidate you to get their way.

If they get their way, Arizona loses in many ways.

Failure to sign this bill will subject many, many Arizona business owners to abuse from homosexual activists and activist courts — including fines that can easily bankrupt small business owners and subject families to welfare subsistence.

Equally bad, failure to sign the bill will greatly damage the First Amendment’s free exercise of religion.

And disastrously, Arizonans would be subjected to compelled government speech. They would lose the freedom to disagree with things they find morally objectionable.

Nondiscrimination policies would trump the First Amendment and Arizonans would lose their rights of conscience. They would be forced to agree with the homosexual agenda’s radical plans to destroy marriage and family.

Furthermore, this part of the homosexual agenda’s attempt to re-define marriage in Arizona. It is part of their effort to qualify a ballot initiative to overturn our 2008 state constitutional marriage amendment.

Religious freedom and the homosexual agenda cannot co-exist. The First Amendment and discrimination policies cannot co-exist.

Protect Arizonans from undue punishment. Keep the government out of small business owner’s affairs.

Don’t forget this: 85 percent of Americans polled side WITH Elaine Huguenin, the New Mexico artist who declined to glorify a same-sex commitment ceremony and stands to suffer business-crippling fines. She and her husband have received death threats and all kinds of abuse from leftists and homosexual activists. Don’t let this despicable stuff happen here.

Sign the bill today. Protect our culture of freedom. Do not bow to the radical demands of radical people and the left-stream media.

If you’re fearful of the nasty ruckus the homosexual activists will cause … and if that is what is delaying your decision, sign the bill sooner rather than later. These left-wing fear-mongerers will raise a ruckus no matter when you sign the bill. Fascists will always try to punish people who disagree with them. So don’t delay.

Sign the bill today.

Ronald Reagan would have signed the bill last week. This is no time to go wobbly, governor.

For freedom,

The Arizona Conservative

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