Cross off Ken Bennett and Scott Smith from Governor’s Race


The left-stream media are reporting Governor Jan Brewer’s closest advisors are telling her to veto the religious freedom bill. This is an attempt to buffalo the governor and intimidate her to the point of succumbing to the radical homosexual agenda. If the report true, this explains the basic problem dogging the Republican Party — not only in Arizona, but nationally as well. So-called ”RINOs — Republicans In Name Only” — who do not believe in the party’s philosophy are willing to compromise with the Party of Control and move the culture backwards. Brewer must overcome these unwise messages and messengers and protect Christians in Arizona from the extremist homosexual agenda — which seeks to destroy the concepts of marriage and family and severely punish anyone who disagrees with them. The Arizona Legislature acted wisely to pass a bill to protect Arizonans from the ruinous legal attacks that are hurting Christians so badly in other states.  Traditional value Arizonans vastly out-number the radicals many times over, but the extremists have the left-stream media and make the most noise. These bullies must not prevail; they must be defeated. We said it yesterday, and we’ll say it again today: SIGN THE BILL, GOVERNOR BREWER.


With a crowded field of eight Republicans running for governor, we can cross off two names for consideration of endorsements by The Arizona Conservative. Scott Smith, mayor of Mesa, and Secretary of State Ken Bennett are off our acceptable list. Both oppose religious freedom in Arizona.

Three state lawmakers also confirmed that they never deserved your support or an endorsement from The Arizona Conservative: Bob Worsley, Steve Pierce, and Adam Driggs. All of them voted for religious freedom in Arizona, then in a display of cowardice in the face of pressure by radical homosexual activists and extremist left-stream media, have expressed regret with their votes. Were they wrong when they voted for religious freedom? Or when they opposed it? How can you trust them in the future or know if they mean what they say and say what they mean? Will they ever stand behind their votes? Will they ever stand for anything?

Arizona deserves better. And the voters will find better in November. For now, five more have self-declared themselves undeserving of your vote.

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