Vote NO on These Judges

Vote NO on these judges. They are either Democrats or were appointed by leftist Governor Napolitano. As such, they are less likely to uphold life and freedom:

Supreme Court

Justice Scott Bales

Court of Appeals-Division I

Diane Johnsen

Patricia Orozco

Court of Appeals-Division II

Garye Vasquez

Superior Court-Maricopa County

Aimee Anderson

Benjamin Norris

Dan Martin

David Talamante

Dawn Bergin

Dean Fink

Edward Bassett

Emmet Ronan

George Foster

Gerald Porter

Hugh Hegyi

Richard Gama

Joan Sinclair

John Rea

Joseph Kreamer

Joseph Welty

Randall Warner

Sally Duncan

Samuel Myers

Susanna Pineda

Bill Brotherton (former legislator/anti-life)

Superior Court-Pima County

Charles Harrington

Javier Chon-Lopez

K.C. Stanford

Superior Court-Pinal County

Brenda Oldham

Gilberto Figueroa

Kevin White

4 thoughts on “Vote NO on These Judges

  1. Tammy Noel Smith

    Thank you for the heads up,as I don’t know how these people look at family life,adoption over abortion,less involvement with families[less government].People don’t realize how much goes on in courts these days and judges carry a lot of weight.They need to be held extremely accountable,as they make decisions that can carry destructive outcomes on families and thus,destroying our society.They need to be scrutinized as much as any political candidate who makes decisions on our behalf.My hat’s off to you!

  2. CB

    Thanks for the guide! I used it along with some other similar resources to determine whom I would vote to retain. Hint – it’s the opposite of your suggestions

  3. Tom C.

    Thanks for the list. I was having trouble determining who the Republican and Democratic judges were. So I took your list for Superior Court-Maricopa and voted YES for all of them.

  4. D. VerMilyea

    Think a mistake was made in listing K.C. Stanford for a “NO” vote under Superior Court-Pima County. Judge K.C. Stanford was appointed by Governor Jan Brewer in January 8, 2012.

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