McSally Pads Lead by 28 Votes, Leads by 161

This just in: conservative Martha McSally, a freedom candidate for Congress in Southern Arizona, has stretched her lead to 161 votes against incumbent Ron Barber, a socialist from the party that wants to completely CONTROL your life.

McSally has 109,704 votes. Barber has 109,543 votes.

Oddly enough, 1,007 voters cast write-in votes that would come in pretty handy for each of the party’s candidates if they had received them.

This district has never been well represented. It’s never sent a conservative to Washington.

Stay tuned to the never-ending saga.

*   *   *

On another election-related front, sore-loser socialists are calling for a recall vote of newly elected state Superintendent of Public Instruction Diane Douglas, a conservative. Their false narrative is that she lacks the credentials for the position, though she is well educated and has a great deal of experience in education. The party of CONTROL never met an election of a conservative it didn’t want to overturn or find some activist judge to throw out.

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