5 thoughts on “Poll: 2016 U.S. Senate Election in Arizona

  1. TAM

    Negative comments about Mccain are being removed. I have been trying to post some for quite a while. Dr. Ward deserves your vote, she is not afraid of free speech. She is not in it for herself and her own financial growth. Look at the guy in there now…

    1. America Today

      No negative comments about McCain have been removed. If you believe any comments did not go through, please enter them again. Thank you.

  2. Cal Allen

    This is a list of bad to worse,McClain has has been a disgrace,so has Salmon.The others don’t have what it takes to be strong for America!!!!!

  3. Paul and Bea

    I wondered where my comment supporting Kelli Ward went. Just because I asked for voters to support her and help John McCain retire my comment was removed? What?, is this a Democrat website?

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