5 thoughts on “Poll: 2016 U.S. Senate Election in Arizona

  1. Negative comments about Mccain are being removed. I have been trying to post some for quite a while. Dr. Ward deserves your vote, she is not afraid of free speech. She is not in it for herself and her own financial growth. Look at the guy in there now…

    • No negative comments about McCain have been removed. If you believe any comments did not go through, please enter them again. Thank you.

  2. This is a list of bad to worse,McClain has has been a disgrace,so has Salmon.The others don’t have what it takes to be strong for America!!!!!

  3. I wondered where my comment supporting Kelli Ward went. Just because I asked for voters to support her and help John McCain retire my comment was removed? What?, is this a Democrat website?

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