The Courage of Supt. Douglas is Worthy of Emulation and Respect

We elected Republicans to go to Washington and fight Obama’s abuses and an out-of-control, unaccountable government. In 2014, we put Republicans in complete control of Congress to do that.

Senate President Mitch McConnell and former House Speaker John Boehner refused to follow the will of the people and do that. They acted like the Scottish nobleman who rode away from the battlefield when William Wallace and the patriots wanted to fight against England for their freedom.

People are tired of being betrayed by political candidates who promise the sky and then refuse to deliver.

Diane Douglas told us that, if elected state superintendent of Public Instruction, she would fight to get rid of Common Core education standards. She bears the scars of the battles she’s encountered in living up to her word. The radical Left wants to recall her.

But on Monday the state board of education voted 6-2 to formally sever ties with the copyright that accompanies Arizona’s College and Career Ready Standards — formerly known as Common Core.  Now Arizona can alter its 2010 adoption of Common Core-based standards. Children and the state will be the better for it.

Many people are not paying attention and do not know what all the fuss is about. In fact, the Christian Science Monitor asks, “Why is Arizona trying to repeal Common Core?”

The group Arizonans against Common Core helps break down the problems with Common Core:

  1. The standards are of mediocre quality;
  2. They violate federal statutes;
  3. Our state will pay a heavy price to implement them;
  4. These standards intrude on student and family privacy; and
  5. These standards further federalize education and usurp power from the state, eroding state sovereignty.

As long as public education in America is based on a secular humanist worldview, our nation is selling itself and our children short and will not fully prosper. But the example of Superintendent Douglas’s courage and persistence — in the face of overwhelming leftist and union opposition — is worthy of emulation and respect. Oh that we would have this in Congress.

This is a good start in the revival of Arizona’s K-12 system. Now it is up to you, mothers and fathers and taxpayers to lend your voice and insist on better education for our children. Education that will not perpetuate lies and myths while undermining the values of good and honest parents.

One thought on “The Courage of Supt. Douglas is Worthy of Emulation and Respect

  1. While every eye was glued on the CC issue something very important was overlooked.

    Ms. Douglas added to the agenda of the same meeting an item that sought to reduce the salary of the board’s “executive secretaries ” to something between 50 and 100 thousand annually. That’s a lot of money for typing up agendas. Ms. Douglas also wanted to eliminate the position of assistant executive secretary completely. The motion was ignored.

    In fact Ms. Douglas is the delegated secretary of the Board meetings. Who in the world are there two imposters?

    A quick check of the average salary for an ES and A-ES stands at about 45-49 thousand for government employment. It is said that the combined wages of these 2 “board employees” may be costing Arizonans as much as $250,000/yr. not counting perks.

    This brings to our attention something that needs to be examined. The several boards operate outside the scrutiny of the public, Therefore the B of E is free to make any and all outrageous claims it might re: parents, children and Ms. Douglas who is highly visible while at the same time the board affairs remain “hidden” from the public.

    No one really knows how much we are paying for the privilege to have a board that thinks the public is far too stupid to manage the education of their children and must have this august tribunal to do that for them.

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