Congressional District 5 Candidates




Andy Biggs

  • I’m working to simplify the tax structure and to assure tax cuts are permanent
  • A fierce defender of life who is fighting Planned Parenthood placing profits over human lives
  • Favors school choice and parents having control of their children’s education, not the government
  • We must unleash the full potential of America’s energy production
  • Supported President Trump and Congress in the overturning of 15 regulations, saving billions of dollars
  • Has sworn an oath to protect the Constitution, including the Second Amendment
  • Introduced the Protection From Obamacare mandates
  • Favors cuts in spending and a balanced budget
  • Favors peace through strength and America First foreign policy
  • Fought to pass the VA Accountability Act
  • Has supported every National Defense Authorization Act since coming to Congress
  • Supports Right To Try legislation
  • Supports the border wall
  • Supported the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

Joan Green

  • Health care is a right
  • Wants veterans to have health care


Jon Ireland 

  • Abolish charter schools, school choice and school vouchers
  • Favors single payer health insurance
  • Favors new green deal
  • Opposed to military and national defense
  • College education is a human right


Javier Ramos 

  • Believe global warming is real
  • Protect veteran benefits

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