Congressional District 6


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David Schweikert

 Working for strong border protection from the foreign invasion

  • Staunchly pro-life his entire life
  • Strong advocate of religious liberty
  • Defender of the Second Amendment
  • Helped establish a Valley Fever Task Force
  • Has great fiscal experience as the former treasurer of Maricopa County
  • A tax cutter
  • Working to get government out of the way of job creation
  • Fought against President Obama’s attempts to give amnesty to illegal border crossers
  • A true friend of national security
  • One of the leading proponents of smaller government



Anita Malik

 ·        Seeks to rebuild America’s economy, which under President Trump has grown to be the strongest economy in world history

·        Wants to strengthen Obamacare

·        Favors overturning the Citizens United decision by the Supreme Court that provides free speech protections for corporations just like private citizens have

·        Staunch gun control advocate

·        Believes in unscientific global warming

·        Demands federal investigations of all killings or injuries resulting in altercations with police

·        Wants to demilitarize police

·        Favors the abortion killings of pre-born children

·        Favors special rights for transgender, including right to serve in military


Stephanie Rimmer

  • Former host of a hate America radio program in Phoenix
  • Wants to strengthen Obamacare
  • Demands a Congressional Call to Action on Climate Change requiring all U.S., state and local governing bodies to implement sustainability goals and provide Congress feedback on the ability of each agency or governing body to achieve carbon neutrality


Hiral Tipirneni

  • Lied in TV commercials during a past congressional campaign about being an active doctor
  • Voters have already rejected her two candidacies for Congress
  • Weak on border security and opposes the wall
  • Favors gun reform
  • Favors the abortion deaths of preborn children
  • Believes in scientifically unfounded global warming
  • Calls herself a “vested stockholder” in the radical, freedom-restricting LGBT movement
  • Believes America is systemically racist

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