Congressional District 7 Candidates

Republican Democrat
Josh Barnett


  • For several decades now criminals have been using our southern border for not just drugs and weapons smuggling but also human trafficking. A lack of action has allowed for a true humanitarian crisis at our southern border.  Men, woman and children are falling victim to this as they attempt to enter America for a better life. I am looking to find real solutions to these problems and I have already begun working on bipartisan legislation that will work fairly and compassionately for America and the people.
  • All life is sacred and worth protecting.

·         I will work to reduce regulations and keep laws favorable to business for aspiring entrepreneurs, employers, and employees in Arizona. I will fight to reduce wasteful spending of your hard earned taxes and a balanced budget that will ensure prosperity for future generations.​

  • Supports the Second Amendment and will never trade away freedom for a false sense of security.
  • I will fight to prevent unconstitutional legislation, work to eliminate financial incentives that lead to government corruption, evaluate and propose elimination of or oversight to bureaucratic agencies and restore the 4th amendment to bring back checks and balances to our over-reaching and out of control judicial system. They need to remember that it is their place to represent and serve the people.

·         I am currently working with state legislators to assist in passing legislation that will restore due process in the family courts. We must stop parents from losing their rights and their children because of a bitter divorce or a financially incentivized child protection officer, medical provider or judge. As your Congressman, I will continue to fight for parents who have lost their children through government sanctioned kidnapping.


Ruben Gallego


  • Supports Planned Parenthood’s profits over human life.
  • Opposes constitutional school vouchers for students at private and religious schools.
  • Believes climate change is the greatest challenge to the world.
  • Opposes Second Amendment, favors gun control.
  • Supports gender-bending social engineering in the military.





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