Race                                           Advantage: ConservativesThe GOP was formed to oppose slavery. President Abraham Lincoln emancipated slaves. GOP senators powered the passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Conservatives favor the view of Dr. Martin Luther King that people should be judged by the content of their character, not by the color of their skin.Socialists founded the KKK. President Woodrow Wilson supported the KKK and showed their movie in the White House. President Lyndon Johnson started the failed “War on Poverty” which trapped minorities in welfare dependency, resulting in fragmented families and declines in virtually all cultural index indicators. Presidents Johnson and Clinton referred to Blacks by the n-word. Socialists support critical race theory and the idea that America has been guillty of so-called “systemic racism” for 400 years. They have given billions of dollars to the Marxist organization Black Lives Matter and want to defund police.
Life               Advantage: ConservativesConservatives believe that human life is sacred and we are all made in the image of God. Therefore, life must be protected from conception to natural death.Socialists believe that human life is expendable and favor abortion and euthanasia. Socialists’ campaigns are heavily funded by Planned Parenthood, which profits from killing pre-born children. Many Democrats believe in infanticide as well.
God                   Advantage: ConservativesMost conservatives revere God, though there are non-religious conservatives.Democrats went on record at their 2012 national convention as haters of God, overwhelmingly demanding He not be included in their platform, on a voice vote. Barack Obama is the only president on record for denouncing Christianity and waging war on the First Amendment’s religious liberty.
Religious Liberty                   Advantage: ConservativesConservatives fully support the First Amendment guarantee of religious liberty. A large percentage of Conservatives are Christians.Many Socialists are secular humanists who believe God is a myth and man is the measure of all things. Socialists in Congress have illegally applied religious litmus tests to judicial nominees and others. Socialists have duped the courts for decades by demanding that government treat Christianity with hostility.
The Constitution                             Advantage: ConservativesConservatives believe in the original intent of the Founding Fathers in their writing of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Judges and justices should follow the intent of the Constitution.Socialists disrespect the Constitution and twist its meaning to support abortion, same-sex marriage and government hostility toward Christianity though a so-called “separation of church and state.” None of these things appear in the Constitution and none were ever intended by the Founders. Socialists have infiltrated the courts and engaged in judicial activism to mandate policies they could not pass through the legislative process.
National Borders                   Advantage: ConservativesConservatives believe that a country without borders is not a country at all. They believe borders should be secured with a wall to prevent drug and human smugglers from illegally entering the country. The border invasion has severely taxed America’s resources and resulted in many hospital closures.Socialists favor wide-open borders and heaping free resources on illegal aliens in hopes of converting them to their voter rolls.
Gender                             Advantage: ConservativesConservatives agree with biologists that there are two genders: male and female. It is unfair for males to compete on female sports teams. It is not compassionate for people suffering from unwanted same-sex attraction or gender confusion to be told to proceed in their personal pain when it can be addressed through counseling.Socialists believe there are dozens of different genders and that males competing on women’s sports teams are actually “females.” Anyone who refuses to believe as they do is branded by Socialists as “homophobes” and “transphobes.” Socialists also benefit from vast amounts of campaign funding from LGBT pressure groups (who seek to punish and destroy anyone who doesn’t cave in to their demands and unscientific beliefs).
Science                                     Advantage: ConservativesConservatives believe that science is science, and its evidence cannot be twisted to support radical political aims. Science has proven that homosexuality is not genetic, the earth is young and global warming is without foundation.Socialists incorrectly believe that science confirms evolution, an old earth, a genetic cause for homosexuality, global warming and more. These are all based on worldview — not sound science. Socialist influences on American government and education only allow research grants to be given, for example, to projects trying to prove evolution and global warming. Funding is not allowed, and socialist-dominated public universities forbid, research on non-evolution theories. This is academic tyranny, not freedom.
GovernmentConservatives believe that government should be less intrusive on people’s personal lives. The smaller the government is, the larger the individual is. Personal freedom is paramount. Big Government needs to be held accountable and obscene government waste and corruption must be halted. There is a huge need for government accountability.Socialists believe that Big Government should control every aspect of people’s lives. Big centralized government now controls everything and is responsible for corruption and government waste of unfathomable scales. Politicians routinely give huge amounts of taxpayer dollars to supportive organizations and individuals who in turn donate it to their election campaigns. There is no need for government accountability.
Taxes               Advantage: ConservativesAmericans should be taxed less and allowed to keep more of their hard-earned money. Taxpayers should not be bilked so the government can purchase $700,000 sculptures or waste their money on frivolous grants and unjustified spending.Socialists in government are over-taxing Americans. Much of this money is then either wasted or given to Socialist allies.
Crime                     Advantage: ConservativesConservatives believe in a “commit the crime, do the time” philosophy. There are some bad police officers but overwhelmingly police risk their lives for a thankless crime dealing with dangerous criminals who need to be removed from the streets. Violent felons should lose their rights while serving prison sentences.Socialists are more concerned about how many criminals are in jail than the crimes they’ve committed. Socialist organizations are raising money to bail violent criminals out of jail. They want to defund police, whom they say are “system racists.”
Elections               Advantage: ConservativesConservatives are concerned about Socialist voter fraud, which is picking up in frequency and intensity. In order to vote, people must be able to prove that they are a registered voter and a U.S. citizen.Socialists use the ruse of “voter suppression” to deflect attention away from their efforts to steal elections through voter fraud. They do not believe voters should have to submit ID, even though they require photo ID for delegates attending their conventions.

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