BallotGate, The Voter Fraud President and China Boy

You lived through it, folks: BallotGate, the biggest, filthiest scandal in U.S. history.

Biden can never be known as anything other than the VOTER FRAUD PRESIDENT. He joins John Kennedy in this scandalous club. Both feasted on dead voters, ballot stuffers and Democrat political machine operatives.

Conservative Bob Dornan lost his California congressional seat to the Democrat cheaters some 24 years ago. If Al Gore’s cheaters hadn’t been incompetent pikers, he would have sat in the White House for eight years, too.

If only Richard Nixon and Dornan had fought harder to stop the shenanigans, if only the media was honest enough to expose that corruption we might not be where we are today.

Mark “China Boy” Kelly’s beady eyes must have nearly popped out this week as he saw his taxpayer fleecing base expand from Pima County to from shining sea to shining sea. God bless America! What a country! This combination of Forest Gump and Chauncey Gardner is destined to be a Senate back-bencher and a favorite of The View and low information voters.

Martha McSally was by far the better of the two Senate candidates, but after two Senate losses, no one will ever invest big dollars in her again. Her political career is over.

McSally made a mistake in surrendering her Tucson area congressional seat to make two unsuccessful runs for the Senate. She was the only conservative ever serving in Pima County, and she should not have sacrificed it. We may never regain that House seat again. There is some political ground which should never be abandoned and this is one such place.

One thing the sleazy Democrats have done is awaken a sleeping giant. The people are incensed at this stolen election and are not shrinking back. We will be a thorn in the socialists’ side as long as we have breath. And as long as Big Tech hasn’t completely gagged us. We need our own tech forums as well so that the communistic censorship of Big Tech isn’t the only game in town and we can make our voices ever heard far and wide.

There is so much evidence of Democrat corruption, and here is more of it:

Here’s a graphic that also explains the disgusting flipping of Arizona to the dreaded blue column:

Check out these must-see videos:

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