Trump Narrows AZ Gap To 10,000 Votes

All votes in Maricopa County have been counted, and as of Saturday morning, President Donald Trump trailed by 10,016 votes. Due to the prevalence of voter fraud nationwide, there should be a recount in Arizona and other states with close results.

Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Daniel Kiley on Friday dismissed claims filed on behalf of Donald Trump’s campaign, the Republican National Committee and the Arizona Republican Party as moot, meaning further legal proceedings would be pointless.

In the race for Arizona Corporation Commission, Conservative Leah Marquez Peterson has gone into the lead over Socialist Ana Tovar by 58 votes. Conservatives Jim O’Connor and Steve Sloan rank third and fourth respectively. The top three will serve on the commission.

In the close race for Congressional District 6, David Schweikert did prevail. Conservatives held their four U.S. House seats, but now make up only four of 11 of the state’s congressional seats.

Conservatives hold 16 of the state’s 30 seats in the Arizona Senate and 31 of 60 seats in the Arizona House of Representatives.

Allister Adel, another conservative, won a close race for Maricopa County attorney.

Socialist incumbent Paul Penzone held on to his Maricopa County sheriff’s position, defeating Conservative Jerry Sheridan by 174,000 votes. Penzone has done nothing to combat trafficking.

Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Bruce Cohen, who we urged a “NO” vote on, easily retained his undeserved seat on the bench. The former rock concert promoter had allowed a deadbeat dad to avoid providing medical insurance for his two young children.

On Thursday morning, Maricopa County’s Socialist Recorder Adrian Fontes conceded to Conservative Stephen Richer.

“I’ve likened this office to a referee in a football game,” Richer told Phoenix Channel 5 News. “If the referee is doing a good job, you’re not talking about the referee. That’s my aspiration. I really appreciate you having me on here [‘Good Morning Arizona’], but hopefully, you’re not talking about me too, too much in the future.”

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