Bill Whittle: What Do Republicans and Democrats Fear?

As Bill Whittle points out, the fears of Democrats are nonexistent things. And amazingly, “climate change” did not even make the Democrats’ top 12 fears. Bill says it’s because most Democrats don’t even believe in it.

On the other hand, the things that Republicans are most concerned about are legitimate threats to our nation.

This video is very telling about the shocking differences between these two political groups. The Left has been completely indoctrinated by the loony Left-stream media for decades.

Whittle’s video is based on this story by Townhall’s Matt Vespa:

Wait…These Are the Top Three Concerns for Democratic Voters? Yes, It’s Insane.

It shouldn’t shock us, but here we are again, folks. We can think Democrats can’t be this dense, but they always find ways to amaze, don’t they? If you could guess what the top three issues Democratic voters are most concerned with what would you pick? Climate change? The economy? Taxes? Nope. It’s Trump supporters, white supremacy, and systemic racism. I’m not kidding. We’re facing job losses and a stagnant economy that will remain stuck in the mud if this minimum wage hike passes in the COVID relief bill. And Democrats’ top concerns are issues that won’t help a single person in America. It’s selfish. It’s detached. It shows that these people really don’t have a care in the world. It must be nice. Only the financially secure and the privileged can say they’re really, really worried about people with differing political views. 

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