Vaccines Not Mandated for White House Staff

John Semmens

Though President Biden has been busy ordering federal employees, nursing home employees, and military personnel to take the COVID vaccines and encouraging private employers and state governors to make vaccination a condition of employment, he has not required White House staff to get vaccinated.

“The President feels that those who work directly for him are a better class of people and that it would be wrong for him to intrude upon their right to control what goes into their bodies,” Press Secretary Jen Psaki explained. “He feels very strongly that the ‘my body, my choice’ paradigm that bolsters his position that abortions must must available to whoever wants them also should mean that those serving at the highest levels of government should also have the right not be forced to get vaccinated.”

“He also feels confident that his staff will choose wisely without being coerced,” Psaki said. “Loyalty is very important to him and everybody who works here knows it. They also know that he will know whether they are vaccinated or not because he has access to all their personal information since the day they were born. It is the disloyal half of the population that he is most concerned about. For now all the coercion will be applied to them.”

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