Why Everyone Must Be Vaccinated

By: John Semmens

In a speech in Elk Grove, Illinois, President Biden explained why everyone must be vaccinated against covid. Biden contended that “breakthrough cases of covid in those fully vaccinated only occur because they are infected by the unvaccinated. The unvaccinated serve as a reservoir in which the virus survives until it can infect another host. The best way to eliminate this reservoir is to eliminate the unvaccinated hosts.”

The President claimed that “mandating that everyone be vaccinated is a more merciful option than the culling of the herd that some of my advisors have urged. Granted, euthanizing the infected and burning their corpses is a time-tested method for saving the majority of the population in a livestock pandemic. However, thanks to the development of the covid vaccines we have the opportunity to choose a less lethal remedy for ending this plague.”

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ken) called Biden’s reasoning “unscientific. The breakthrough cases are evidence that those receiving the vaccines are not getting the promised protection from covid. In fact, there have been more reported covid fatalities this year than there were in 2020 when no vaccines were available. It is illogical to conclude that the ineffectiveness of the vaccines is a valid argument for forcing more people to submit to vaccination.”

Dr. Anthony Fauci disagreed, saying that “the lack of a clinical study proving the Senator’s thesis invalidates his objection to the vaccine mandate. It could very well be that even though vaccination does not protect the person getting the jab, there is no proof that being vaccinated doesn’t prevent the person from passing on the virus to others. Since we cannot rule this out, the altruistic path is to ensure that we reach a 100% vaccination rate. If we reach the 100% mark and there is still person-to-person transmission of the virus then, and only then, we can consider an alternate hypothesis, although I can’t at this time imagine what that alternate hypothesis might be.”

Unfortunately for Dr. Fauci’s claims, CDC Director Rochelle Walensky says that “while covid vaccines are working exceptionally well, they can’t prevent transmission of the virus to infect others.” CDC data backs her up on this latter point. Four of the five counties with the highest vaccination rates (84% to 99%) are also in the “high transmission” category. In contrast, the 57 counties in the “low transmission” category all have a vaccination rate of under 20%.

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